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Title: Does OSX leopard 10.5 have a 4GB limit?
Post by: chrisNova777 on February 21, 2017, 08:31:37 AM

Since Leopard is 32-bit it can address up to 4 GBs per processor. For Core 2 Duo machines the maximum is, therefore, 8 GBs. For 4-core machines it's 16 GBs, and for 8-core machines it's 32 GBs. Of course SL is 64-bit so the maximum is much greater. But from a purely practical point of view the limit is determined by the largest compatible RAM module and the number of RAM slots in the machine. The 8-core Mac Pros have 8 slots. The largest compatible module is currently 4 GBs, so those machines can install up to 32 GBs.

32-bit applications, however, are limited to addressing 4 GBs.