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Second batch of plugs covering all kinda process...

13 this time & some of these ONLY show up in the TAGS menu or sometimes the MATERIAL menu...

My favorite of this group is the 'ToWire' which does what it says...Like on this crappy hand someone did-

Some Maxon generated tutorial projects from 2000-2001...

EYEBALL Tutorial...Simple but necessary...also animation aspect of eyes-

Eyeball animation rendered out in XL6-

Haunted House Tutorial...Quite Cool...

Faucet Tutorial...Absolutely Necessary if you want RUNNING WATER!!-
Supported Audio Devices

Macintosh TDM Window with optional Plug-Ins
Macintosh: All current Digidesign hardware including TDM support
ok the demo which is the only cubase mac version available.on the entire internet will finally allow us to see the hallelujah etc plugins?

if someone has a mac cubase version that can do tdm
i got a vintage nubus mac digidesign tdm rig now

supply the cubase mac and i can supply the screenshots and audio demos
sure its 6 books long
Here are the XL 6.0 Scenes which are DIFFERENT from the previous before which are just general XL scenes some from as far back as version 4...

Here are some renders but most don't really translate to a render because they are examples of expressions, animations, metaparticles...ETC...

Here are some of the animations, particles & such...

Cubase (1990s) / Re: Steinberg Cubase 2.8 (1996) the last "midi-only" version of cubase
« Last post by G40 on August 08, 2022, 04:04:39 PM »
Has anyone got a manual for this (or a similar version)?
cubase score is midi only?
Emagic Logic (1990s) / Re: logic v2.0 for windows (article - Aug 1995) [win3.1]
« Last post by smilesdavis on August 08, 2022, 07:52:38 AM »
audio energizer
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