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Title: Hybrid Arts EditTrack / MidiTrack ST / SmpteTrack (1986)
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seems like "MidiTrack ST" was the sequel to "MidiTrack II" which was for the 8bit Atari (non-ST)

EDIT TRACK / SMPTE TRACK Released as Freeware June, 2000
There are several "camps" of Atari midi users. Some swear by Cubase, some by Dr T, and some by Edit-Track. This is the definitive program for the Atari Midi User. It has gone thru several revisions, and when Barefoot took over the Hybrid Arts version, it came of age.

Hybrid Arts Inc. produced some of the finest Atari software made just for MIDI.They actually started on the 8 Bit atari computers and continued support for the 32 bit machines. Many big names in the music industry (such as Jimmy Hozt, Pointer Sisters, BB King,Yes,and Fleetwood Mac just to name a few) used Hybrid Arts products. The Sequencer Standard was the SMPTE Track/ Edit Track series as well as excellent synthisizer editors (GenEdit, GenPatch, DX-Android, CX-Android) and also Scoring with EZ-Score. For Algorithmic Composing there is the wonderful program Ludwig.There was also the ADAP technology which was a 16 bit hard disc recorder. Ahead of it's time.Below you will find reviews as well as recently released Freeware by the original programmers

Hybrid Arts SmpteTrack
the MidiTrack ST Series
SmpteTrack Gold (MidiTrack ST Professional?)
EditTrack Gold




MIDI, Hybrid Arts-- creators of MIDITRACK II for the 8-bit Atari--will be releasing DX-Droid and MIDI Track ST (price not yet available). DX-Droid is a sophisticated patch librarian/editor for a Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer. MIDITRACK ST is the ST version of their 8-bit product. It will be available in both "professional" and "consumer" versions.

Hybrid Arts, Inc., 11920 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064. (213) 826-2777. PRESS.
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