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Logic / Re: Notator Tutorial Video
«  by chrisNova777 on Today at 10:24:44 AM »
i just got a VHS machine explicitly for this purpose
i have a video capture card that was given to me by the owner of macos9lives site
i will be trying to use in a b+W g3 to digitize the video from the Cubase Tutorial video
the cubase video i made a post about, it covers all three platforms.. ATARI.. MAC.. And also Windows/PC

anyway if u can find the video for sale somewhere perhaps i can purchase a vhs copy
the last time i bought this cubase video it was really reasonable price coost only like 10-20 dollars im assuming
due to all time low interest in VHS tapes

many times the vhs tapes are kept by book store companies
Logic / Notator Tutorial Video
«  by Mixermap on Today at 06:23:01 AM »
Does anyone have the full version of the Notator Tutorial Video?

There are only some of the chapters on Youtube....
....and they are almost all about the score functions :/

(It's not Notator Version 9 of course :) it's the name of the girl/guy who uploaded it)
C-Lab / Re: cracked creator v1.3
«  by Mixermap on Today at 06:13:16 AM »
I've done some further testing...

Unfortunately it won't run with only 512KB of RAM.
I tried it in Steem, setting it as a 520STF and Creator crashes with a "Memory Panic" error.
I don't have a 520ST to try it in "real life".
Since the crack uses quite a bit of memory, it MAY be possible to run on a 520ST in "uncracked" mode (see above post) with a C-Lab dongle of any later version.

Of course, I cannot try that out in Steem 'cause my Asus laptop does not have a cartridge port :D

I found these two reviews of Version 1.2 (which seems to have been the first version commercially released in the UK):
Sound On Sound November 1987
Music Technology December 1987

:D we could only dream of a 286AT here in UK in 1988!!! I wish I had had one! :)))

PS.: I'd be interested to know if it does work on a real 520ST....
C-Lab / Re: cracked creator v1.3
«  by chrisNova777 on Today at 03:01:08 AM »
so is it possible to use this cracked creator version with ANY ATARI ST (even 520ST)
i read that creator doesnt need more than 512k ram
is that true>?

pretty old cracked copy . 1988! thats goin back!
i was 11 at the time :D lol
i always wanted an atari but had to make do
with the choices of my parents;
 286 IBM/AT + tandy 1000 systems
C-Lab / Re: cracked creator v1.3
«  by Mixermap on July 21, 2017, 07:28:01 PM »
I've just tested it on my Atari STE and it works fine.
I loaded it up and recorded a couple of tracks with no issues.

To start the "cracked" version load 1_LOADER.PRG

The CREATOR.PRG file itself is not cracked and the program will freeze on the main screen.

However, the uncracked file will actually run with ANY C-Lab dongle, including a Notator one!
I tested it with Creator 2.2, Creator 3 and Notator 3 dongle and they all work.

It's a bit odd because normally Notator and Creator dongles are not interchangeable.

Running the program with a dongle instead of the crack actually gives you an extra bit of free memory (note that my Atari has 4MB so on a 1MB machine the difference would have been sizeable). See Pictures.

On the subject of dongles and versions: a Creator 3 dongle will run ANY previous version of Creator from the very first and a Notator 3 dongle will run ANY Notator version from the earliest one.
This is not true for Steinberg and Cubase: each main Atari version (1, 2 or 3) requires its own dongle although "Score" dongles will run their equivalent "standard" version (my Cubase Score 2.07 dongle runs Cubase "standard" 3.1)

Apologies for the digression :)))
C-Lab / cracked creator v1.3
«  by chrisNova777 on July 21, 2017, 12:58:56 PM »
link to /Creator_v1.3_(1988) (C-Lab)

does anyone know if this works?
so anyway
what we are really looking for then is a copy of performer that is from a bit later on.. like version 3 or 4
v1.xx is too old (original macintosh series)
and we need one that will run on mac II generation + beyond.. that would be performer 3.xx and performer 4.xx

i only have copies of v5.5 and v6.0
Atari TOS v1.0 (1985) / Re: Atari ST users
«  by chrisNova777 on July 21, 2017, 10:41:54 AM »
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