for reference purposes for all those interested in learning about + making music with the original hardware + software from the late 1980s + early 1990s thanks for visiting
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daw timeline 1993-2013 (reference table)
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:33:25 AM »
20 Years of PC+MAC DAW history
this information was compiled by me with great determination.. extracting information from other articles + press releases + manuals (as accurately as possible, but there may be mistakes) i hope that it can be of great help to those aspiring musicians/artists looking to use older computers (PC/MAC/ATARI)s with the right software (that the cpu can handle) to more effectively use software + hardware from the past.

also for those like me who are just interested in having a PROPER overview of the history of the software to refererence to troubleshoot compatibility. please respond + leave me a message if u have any information to add, or corrections. its just a screengrab of my real working spreadsheet which is a google spreadsheet!

i find that using software that came out 2 years before + 2 years after the date of your CPU's release, is a great match for performance + compatibility. so, figure out what cpu u have, find when it was first released, then use audio software within a range of 2 years of that date.. or if u really want the BEST performance, use software from 2-3 years BEFORE your cpu was released! this will guarantee that your machine is more than capable of powering that software for a better result and for better productivity

the daw timeline picks up right when the first versions of CUBASE + LOGIC were being ported over to the pc + mac from the atari ST systems.. which, because of the included built in MIDI port + affordable price were the defacto standard MIDI Sequencer in 1993.

please credit my website url if you are going to reprint information based on my research + this document!
this site has taken a tremendous ammount of effort + hard work, i dont expect to make money but please,
dont take this and pass it off as your own work, at least credit my website address so that eventually this site
can become so much more than it already is.. in terms of providing access to hard to find information in a more readily absorbable + digestable format - thanks + respects

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