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i honestly dont understand why more people arent cloning this device?????

The Alesis MMT-8 Multi-Track MIDI Recorder is a user friendly, yet extremely powerful MIDI sequencer.
It is able to record any information received at its MIDI INPUT jack (except poly-pressure and note off
velocity), and store it into non-volatile memory for later retrieval. This information can include notes,
controllers, pitch bend, after touch, program changes, and system exclusive data.
The MMT-8 can play back 8 tracks simultaneously and it functions in many ways like an 8 track tape
. The MMT-8's memory capacity is approximately 9,000 to 11,000 notes. Variable MIDI
controllers like aftertouch, pitch bend, mod wheel, etc. will take up more memory, so the actual amount
of note storage capacity will vary depending on how much these controllers are used. Each set of 8
tracks is called a `part'. There can be up to 100 parts in the MMT-8's memory ( 00-99). These parts can
be combined into lists of parts, which are called `songs'. There can be up to 100 songs in the MMT-8's
memory, and each can contain a list of parts up to 255 steps long.
By constructing songs in this fashion, the MMT-8 makes it very easy to arrange songs by recording one
verse into one part, and a chorus into another, and a bridge into another, and then making a list of the
parts into a song with as many verses, choruses, and bridges as desired.
The MMT-8 has many editing capabilities, which allow the user to alter any data after recording it. Notes
can be transposed, timing corrected, copied, and erased. MIDI channels can be reassigned, controllers
can be modified, etc. Also, the MMT-8 has an Autolocate feature which will allow you to jump to any
desired beat number within a part or song (see auto-locate). Despite this flexibility, the MMT-8 is very
easy to use, since these features do not get in the way of the more basic operations, like recording and
playing back.


apparently saving to disk requires an alesis data disk unit which recieves the info to write to the disk via midi
from the mmt8 unit

or you can use a tape machine to save to tape (similar to a juno 106?)