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Title: akai mpc 3000 (1994) sampler / sequencer
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The MPC3000 has a high density (1.4 megabyte) floppy drive (according to http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/mpc60-software-faq.html)
Title: Re: akai mpc 3000 (1994) sampler / sequencer
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MPC3000 Limited Edition

The rebirth of a classic
Who hasn't heard of the MPC3000, the machine that made whole genres of music possible? The sound, the rhythmic feel, in fact the way everything came together made the MPC3000 completely unique--an instant classic. And now there's the MPC3000 Limited Edition. With all the vintage features of the MPC3000 plus a gorgeous custom paint job, the MPC3000 Limited Edition once again gives you the chance to put a legend to work for your music. Are you ready for classic performance with incredible looks? Then check out the MPC3000 Limited Edition. But be careful, because to try it once is to love it forever.

The MPC3000's unique "friendly" interface simplifies the expression of your creativity
Sampler, drum machine and MIDI sequencer in one instrument
Dedicated buttons for most-used functions
Informative graphic display with soft keys
Interactive Help function
The world's most powerful sampling drum machine/phrase sampler
Uses the sound engine of Akai's S3000 sampler
44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo sampling with 32-voice polyphony
Resonant digital filter + envelope per voice
Large, great-feeling, velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads for expressive drum programming
Note Variation slider for programming a wide variety of real-time dynamics
Extensive cut-and-paste sample editing
Stereo Mix outputs + eight individual outputs
Built-in floppy disk and SCSI interface
Reads sample data from S1000 and S3000 series samplers
Powerful but easy-to-use MIDI sequencer
Supports both linear and pattern-style (looped) recording
75,000 note sequence capacity
Step Edit mode for fast recording, viewing or editing of any event in a sequence
SimulSequence allows two sequences to play simultaneously (e.g., playback a looped drum sequence while recording a multitrack keyboard sequence)
Flexible synchronization capabilities: MIDI clock, MTC, FSK24, 1/4 note audio and SMPTE (optional)
Two MIDI inputs with merge + four independent MIDI outputs (64 channels)