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Title: Roland CM32P (1989) PCM sound module
Post by: chrisNova777 on December 19, 2015, 01:56:22 AM

this is a u110/u220 in a smaller package..


Roland CM-32P
This unit was primarily made for use computer musicians rather than games. Where as the MT-32 is an LA synthesizer, the CM-32P is basically a simple PCM (hence the ā€œPā€) wave table synth. It was a computer music version of the Roland U-110 keyboard (actually, due to a slight redesign it was much more quiet than the U-110). Being that it was entirely PCM sample based, it is much less flexible than either the MT-32 or the CM-32L. Some Japanese computer games (Roland is a Japanese company after all) did make use of the CM-32P, but none that I know of in the US/EU market. There was a slot on the front panel to accept Roland PCM wave cards to expand the sample set. Supposedly, a very few Japanese games were made that made use of a specific PCM card when inserted into the 32P but this has never been verified.