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Title: Cubase 8.5 is last version to be 32-bit compatible (Dec 2015 article)
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For many years now Steinberg have maintained both 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility throughout their product range. With the release of Cubase 8.5, these transitional times are slowly coming to an end. 8.5 is the final version in a long line of Cubase increments to support 32-bit Windows and OS X environments.

Future Cubase releases by Steinberg will solely embrace 64-bit computing architecture.

The reasons are evident. 64-bit technology allows more memory usage while improving memory accessibility and allocation to ensure faster processing features. This in return presents you with unprecedented software stability and reliability. The demands that you place upon software are high: not only do you expect its capabilities to continue to meet the constantly increasing needs, you also want to be assured that today's investment will be safeguarded in the years to come.

64-bit computing is the answer.


Running Cubase 8.5 with Windows 7:
requirements state windows 8 as a requirement but you can run this version on windows 7
this is probably true for people who are running an older unpatched up version of win7
its going to require SP1 for sure; also in addition to that:
some users have stated that this "platform update" will fix the problem
Title: Jul 2016 press release
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Dear customers,

As announced earlier, we would like to remind you that from next major release onward we’ll only be supporting 64-bit software as this is the current technology guaranteeing the best possible performance and user experience. As a consequence we are discontinuing the Steinberg VST Bridge, which was meant as an aid for the smooth transition from 32-bit to 64-bit.

For all of you interested in using legacy 32-bit products there are third-party products like jBridge that can help. To ensure a stable and optimal system we nevertheless strongly recommend using 64-bit and VST 3 software only. Please contact third-party plug-in developers to learn more about latest product updates and when 64-bit/VST 3 versions will be released, should they still be unavailable.