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Title: digidesign sound tools (1989) for macintosh
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digidesign sound tools for macintosh

Sound Tools is a complete digital recording + editing system based on the Macintosh II or SE Personal computers.

Sound Accelerator Digital Signal Processing card,
AD IN Analog to Digital Converter
Sound Designer II Audio Editing software,
Sound tools gives you high quality stereo hard disk recording and sophisticated yet easy to use power.

Digital Interface connects


AD IN device

Title: Re: digidesign sound tools (1989) for macintosh
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apparently it was possible to use on an SE or SE/30 using the digidesign
sound accellerator PDS version : Digidesign Sound Accelerator (PDS)


Title: digidesign sound tools (Aug 1989)
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Title: Re: digidesign sound tools (1989) for macintosh
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Sound Tools version 1.2 (For the Macintosh II + Atari):
Further Information

Digital sound recording, editing, and processing system.

System Components:
Hardware - AD IN analog to digital converter, Sound Accelerator digital signal processing card.
Software - Sound Designer II audio editing software;

Free Software:
Softsynth, Sound Installer, Sound Access, HyperCart.

Additional Software:
Q-Sheet A/V, Turbosynth, StudioVision.
DATa 1.1, Live List 1.1, Master List 1.1.

Hardware Requirements:
Requires either a Mac II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, or IIfx running system 6.02 or higher (for up to 44.1/48kHz sampling rates),
or a Mac SE (limited to 32kHz max sampling rate for stereo recordings).

Soon a card will be available for the Mac SE30 which will provide 44.1/48kHz sampling rates for stereo recordings.
The program will run with 1 Meg of RAM, but more than 2 Meg will be required if you wish to use MultiFinder and various inits.

Additional Hardware:
Optional Digidesign DAT I/O digital in/out unit.
A suitable amount of hard disk space
(with access time equal to or better than 28 ms) and a suitable back up system.
A suitable MIDI interface and SMPTE/MTC converter.
Any of a wide range of ‘samplers’, such as the Akai or Emulator ranges.

Direct to hard disk recording/playback with 16-bit linear resolution. Waveform editing and digital signal processing. The copy protection on previous versions has now been removed from the version 1.2 Sound Designer program.

Manufactured by:
Digidesign, 1360 Willow Road, Suite 101, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Distributed by:
Sound Technology, Unit 6, Letchworth Business Centre, Avenue 1, Letchworth, Herts SG6 2HR

Suggested Retail Prices:
Mac version:

The Sound Tools system costs £3140 for the 3 components.
These are available separately for the Mac:
The Sound Designer software is £899,
the Accelerator card is £1242,
the AD In is £999,
and it costs £999 for the DAT I/O.

Q-Sheet A/V costs £799, and
Turbosynth costs £279.
Live List, Master list, and DATa are supplied on disk for £89.
All these prices include VAT.

Atari Version:
£1995 inc. VAT for the Sound Accelerator Card, Sound Designer software and the AD In.
Mike Collins © July 1990
Title: Re: digidesign sound tools (1989) for macintosh
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