Welcome to oldschooldaw.com! the purpose of this site is to attempt to become an interactive "forum/wiki" infobase of obsolete/deleted audio related
software + hardware information, for many operating systems (ATARI/MAC/PC)  to assist aspiring hobbyists, musicians / djs & home studio owners and those of us on a budget
i welcome you to contribute if you have any insights + original/rare/hard to find info to share! thanks for visiting + i hope that you can help build on what ive started here!

Registration Agreement

You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will do your best to add to the material here for the benefit of all like-minded artists,engineers, & composers/musicians on planet earth!

the goal of this site is to provide a community resource that will enable the required education for people to repurpose otherwise useless old computers + music related equipment that people would otherwise not know anything about, and deem worthless.. its not obsolete. it worked at one point with a certain hardware + software configuration... and it can work again! provided the user is educated on the system requirements.

this site is financially funded by its sole owner at a cost presently of 10$ per month... i have no problem paying this low cost...  
i ask only that other people assist in contributing what information is relative + or by correcting any information that is incorrect..