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Topic Summary

Posted by: chrisNova777
« on: May 21, 2019, 10:47:30 PM »

Posted by: chrisNova777
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:55:36 AM »


i managed to find someone to help me create the bracket

im testing it asap + will report on my results

heres the first preview jpegs

Posted by: chrisNova777
« on: May 13, 2019, 01:39:22 PM »

another photo i took of the old/existing metal bar piece how it attaches to the shelf
showing thickness of the shelf to be 3/4" (1.7-1.9cm?)

3d printing services
Posted by: chrisNova777
« on: May 12, 2019, 04:49:06 PM »

looking for someone with 3D printing/modelling experience
who can help me achieve a hack for the Ikea Jerker desk to be able to add new shelves
using a 3d printed bracket to attach a new wood shelf cut to size; to attach to the side of the jerker desk/post
via an M6 bolt and then attach to the underside'/center of the shelf via wood screws

i have zero experience with 3d modelling (well since the 1990s)
im really surprised someoen else hasnt done this already theres lots of "ikea jerker" 3d models for other purposes to download
but noone has done the obvious shelf replacement bracket that im looking to get made

i have 4 of these ikea jerker desks, the can take 8mm metric casters on the bottom to make them rollable around the studio aswell
so its well worth the effort

if you arent familiar with the discontinued desk from ikea see here:
they can still be bought second hand all over via craigslist/kijiji/etc

my idea is to replace the metal bar that usually goes underneath and runs the full length of the shelf, screwed into the wood via 8 spaced out screws, rather then using a peice that is the same length of the shelf, to just make a shorted connector to attach to either side of the wood shelf to attach it to the jerker post with 2 x M6 bolts - and obviously this is not just for my own personal gain but for the whole world - public domain - whoever has a jerker desk - to make this publically available to download + 3d print so that anyone can add as many shelves as they like by 3d printing + getting more wood + bolts

basic measurements :
6.1cm wide
1.7cm tall
7.5cm deep/length

jerker-attach hole locations:
#1 :edge of m6 threaded bolt hole starts 6mm from left, 5mm from top, 8mm from btm
#2 :edge of m6 threaded bolt hole starts 6mm from right, 5mm from top, 8mm from btm

shelf-attach hole locations:
#1: 5.3cm from jerker-attach side; 1.2cm from edge
#2: 5.3cm frm jerker-attach side; 1.2cm frm edge

heres some of the useful/usless other models that can be found for the desk:
(im still surprised noones made the obvious simple bracket to add shelves to the desk)

apparently there are resources to allow adding the proper metric threading to the hole
so you dont have to make the hole smaller and then tap the threading in yourself per hole (time-saver!)

i want to replace the metal bar completely designing a small (symmetrical) block peice that would mount to the shelf and allow me to bolt the shelf to the frame of the jerker desk
so instead of a the metal bar i would have this small symmetrical 3d printed object x2 and mount one on either side of the wood shelf and then bolt them into the desk with m6 bolts (so it hopefully will be designed having the pre-existing metric M6 bolt threads in the 3d printed item already, to save the exponential job of having to tap the threads for each hole * 2 for each 3D Printed part (4 per shelf)

if i cant get an object designed + 3d printed i have come up with an alternate plan which is to try to use these cheap ikea brackets x2 on either side (so really, x4) to add one shelf, its cheap, but its not cosmetically what im after

Posted by: chrisNova777
« on: May 12, 2019, 02:14:15 PM »