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Title: first pro tools version for windows was pro tools 4.0 on windows nt (1999)
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Pro Tools|24, MIX, and MIXplus for Windows NT
http://archive.digidesign.com/support/readme/ptnt426readme.pdf (May, 1999)

Less than a year after Pro Tools 24 was released, Digidesign have come up with a new set of cards - the MIX Core and the MIX Farm - along with a new software release, Pro Tools version 4.3. Interestingly, they have also announced that henceforth the Pro Tools PCI cards will run on the Windows NT PC operating system, although the currently available software for NT, version 4.2.1, will only work with the Pro Tools 24 cards as yet, and not with the new MIX cards.

CPU Requirements*
• Pentium II processor (233,266, 300, 333, 400, and 450Mhz)
• 440LX or 440BX chipsets only
•  192MB RAM for up to 64 voices
• AGP card strongly recommended
• BIOS should recognize at least 2 PCI bridges for MIX systems and 3 or more for MIXplus or chassis
• At least 2 available adjacent, full-length, 3.3V* compliant PCI slots for MIXplus, 1 for MIX systems
(MIX cards require 3.3V supplied to the PCI slot
with a maximum draw of 2A.

When the MIX card is inserted and system power is turned on, a yellow LED on the top of the MIX card will confirm 3.3V power but not 2A. The top/side of your computer must be removed in order to see this LED. If the yellow LED is not illuminated, your computer is not supplying the proper level of 3.3V power to the PCI slot). Please refer to your computer documentation to ensure that your computer meets these power requirements.

Operating System Requirements
Windows NT Workstation v.4.0 w/ Service Pack 3 or 4 (double-byte character sets are not supported
(i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, etc).