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Title: Yamaha QX3 (1987) 16 track sequencer
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The QX3 is a suped-up version of the QX5 sequencer. It's a 16-track with real-time track muting, 48,000 note capacity sequencer with built-in 3.5" disk drive and sophisticated editing and control. Large LCD screen and more buttons make operation easy and fun. There's a feature known as 'macros' in which snippets or phrases can be thrown into a sequence live. Real and step input modes and punch in/out are available. The QX3 also features MIDI and FSK sync, sysex dumping and recording, 96 ppq resolution and more! A very professional stand-alone sequencer. (1987) Image from Perfect Circuit Audio.

Late 1980s vintage Yamaha QX3 Sequencer Recorder, professionally serviced and tested. Heavy duty soft case is durable nylon, fitted with dense foam rubber panels, custom cut for maximum protection. Owner's manual is available as a free download. Recover your old recordings, or try out some old school cool.
Unit Description

The successor of the popular but difficult QX1, the Yamaha QX3 featured a large backlit LCD, 3.5" disk drive and the ability to load and save midi bulk dumps. The eight midi outs of the QX1 were reduced to two on this unit giving it 32 effective channels. Very reliable, sturdy and with direct mute/unmute of patterns via dedicated buttons and indicators makes the QX3 a very good choice as a sequncer for the live act. Unfortunately, Yamaha preserved their rigid tape-recorder interface so this puppy is strictly linear.


MIDI, Tape Sync, Foot Switch


2xMIDI out, click, Tape Sync

Synchronization possibilities:

Tape, MIDI w SPP.

Secondary data storage:

3.5" DD Disk drive featuring MS-DOS compatible disk format.

Memory size:

512kb ~ 80.000 notes.

Data generation/modification/recording:

Real or step time MIDI recorder, arranger and playback unit. Can record and playback arbitrarily long sysex bulk dumps. No patterns, no working loop options. Job oriented menu hierarchy (hit JOB 16 ENTER to quantize track)

Bugs & Features:

The QX3 is very quick to work with once you start to get the hang of the job-oriented menu system which feels a bit arcane at first, but is a fast way to work compared to nested menus. Because of its old age the interface is modal requiring you to enter an edit mode to modify data, but switching between modes are as quick as a button press. A lot of dedicated buttons and indicators, and a *numerical keypad* that was sadly lacking on the QX1. Nice feel in the jog/data wheel and mute/unmute in real time using dedicated buttons add to the value of the unit. Unfortunately there is only one loop option, and it does not work; The loop hiccups a couple of milliseconds every 'restart' which makes it unusable.
The unit is extremely reliable, but will hang if you feed it bad sysex data. Volatile memory is erased when unit is turned off. Worth mentioning as well is a very good step mode (the best I've seen?) and a 'MIDI monitor mode' which shows exactly what data flows through the unit.

From a product review by Mikael Lundgren
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Yamaha QX3

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