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Title: Avid/M-audio "DirectLink" | control mapping for pro tools with Axiom controller
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en francais http://www.univers-sons.com/produits/MAUDIO/AXIOM49MKII/Axiom_Manuel_Pro_Tools_Fr.pdf
Video:  http://vimeo.com/8038704

logic :

DirectLink, which automatically maps Axiom® controls to common functions in Pro Tools®
8.0.4 and later. DirectLink offers two-way communication with Pro Tools, featuring two distinct modes of operation
with a level of integration that makes Axiom feel like a “dedicated” hardware controller.
Once Pro Tools has been launched, DirectLink is activated in its default state which is Mixer Mode. In Mixer
Mode, Axiom faders, buttons and knobs are mapped to Pro Tools mixer functions such as track and master
channel volume, as well as the pan, track selection, mute, solo, and record arm, as explained in Chapter 3,
“Axiom Controls with DirectLink.”
Although Mixer mode provides effective control of the Pro Tools Mixer, Axiom DirectLink also gives you
hands on control over any virtual instrument in your session. The first step towards controlling virtual instruments
within your session is selecting a “target” track using the dedicated Track “<“ and “>” buttons.
The target track determines which track Axiom will control. If there is a virtual instrument in the target track,
pressing the Instrument button (Inst) instantly maps all Axiom controls to the most useful parameters based
on the default “map” files for the instrument. Each AIR instrument has a corresponding Axiom Instrument
Map (also known as Custom Plug-In Maps). Axiom Instrument Maps are available for download and installation
at www.m-audio.com/directlink. Further information about Axiom Instrument Maps can be found in
Chapter 4, “Instrument Mode.”
Whenever DirectLink is switched to Instrument mode, the Instrument button will also illuminate to confirm
that you are controlling an instrument. Pressing the Patch Up and Down buttons scrolls through patches to
audition and select sounds in the targeted instrument. Pressing either of the Track buttons targets an adjacent
track, allowing you to switch from one instrument to another.
Pressing the Instrument button a second time returns Axiom to Mixer mode. Holding the Instrument button
down opens the virtual instrument window on the target track, allowing you to see the on-screen controls update
in real time as mapped Axiom control are used. Holding down the Instrument button again, closes the
instrument window.
Instrument Mode has no affect on the Axiom Transport buttons, and they will remain mapped to their counterparts
in Pro Tools