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Author Topic: Logic Pro 7 requirements (10.3.x+)  (Read 657 times)

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Logic Pro 7 requirements (10.3.x+)
« on: April 26, 2015, 02:34:13 AM »

Logic Pro 7 System Requirements

    Macintosh computer with PowerPC G4 or faster processor (G5 or dual G4 processors recommended).
    PowerPC G5 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for Logic Node applications.
    Mac OS X v10.3 or later.
    512 MB of RAM.
    DVD drive for software installation.
    Available USB port for XSKey (copy protection).
    Low-latency multi-I/O audio hardware and MIDI interface recommended.
    4GB of available hard drive space.

Powerful audio production

    Network-distributed audio processing to expand power for software instruments and effects.
    Track Freeze to extend processing capability for a single computer.
    High-end POW-r dithering algorithm.
    Audio resolution up to 24-bit/192kHz.
    Shuffle and Auto-Crossfade Arrange Edit modes.

Award-winning instruments and effects

    34 software instruments, including Sculpture; Ultrabeat; EVP88, EVB3, and EVD6 vintage instruments; and ES1, ES2, EFM1, ESM, ESP and ESE synthesizers.
    EXS24 mk II sampler with comprehensive sampler instrument library.
    Over 70 effect plug-ins, including Guitar Amp Pro, Ringshifter, Linear Phase EQ, Match EQ, Vocal Transformer, EVOC20 Vocoder, Space Designer convolution reverb and Pitch Correction.

Professional mixing and automation

    Adaptive Track Mixer for display of selected channels.
    Save/Load Channel Strip instrument and plug-in configurations.
    Sample-accurate, track-based 32-bit automations.
    Extensive Channel group functions for mix and edit.
    Up to 255 stereo tracks.
    64 buses, 64 auxiliary channels.
    15 inserts, 8 sends per channel.
    Support for multiple surround formats, including 5.1 and 7.1.
    Comprehensive hardware controller support.

Advanced MIDI sequencing

    Matrix, Event List, Hyper, Score and Transform MIDI edit windows.
    Layout and printing of complete professional scores.
    Caps Lock conversion of computer keys into musical keyboard.

Comprehensive control

    More than 800 definable key and MIDI commands.
    90 recallable screen configurations with interactive edit windows.
    Project Manager for powerful control of assets.
    Setup Assistant for easy system configuration.
    Fast, offline bouncing of single or multiple tracks.
    Tempo, Signature, Chord, Transpose, Beat-Mapping and Video Tracks.