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larry heard equipment from May 1992
« on: June 20, 2015, 09:56:39 PM »
Larry Heard EQUIPMENT LIST (as of May '92)
from music technology magazine, oct 1992)

akai s1000 visible in the photo

Kawai Q80
Atari Mega2 ST Computer
*SOFTWARE* C-Lab Notator Sequencing/Notation Software

Akai S1000
E-mu Systems SP1200
E-mu Systems Emax Sampler
E-mu EMAX II (1989)

Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
Alesis D4 Drum Module
Kawai R-100 Drum Machine
Roland R8 Drum Machine
Roland TR606 Drum Machine
Roland TR707 Drum Machine
Roland TR909 Drum Machine
BOSS DR-660 Drum Machine

E-mu Systems Pro/cussion Drum Module
E-mu Systems Proteus/1
E-mu Systems Proteus/2 Sample Replay Module

Korg M1
Roland Juno 6 Synth
Roland Jupiter 6 Synth
Yamaha DX7 Synth
Sequential Circuits Pro One

Kurzweil 1 OOOHX Horn Expander
Korg P3 Piano Module
Casio VZ1OM Synth Module
Ensoniq SQR Synth Module
Kawai KI R Synth Module
Korg M3R Synth Module
Roland D110 Synth Module
Roland D550 Synth Module
Roland MKS50 (Alpha juno) synth Module
Yamaha TG55 Desktop Synth Module
Oberheim Matrix 6R Synth Module
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Synth Module

Tascam M-3700

Digitech DSP128 Effects Processor
Digitech ITS3133B Effects Processor

Alesis Blackface ADAT
Akai MG1214 multitrack Tape Machine
Panasonic SV3700 DAT Machine
Sony DTC750 DAT Machine