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Author Topic: mac applications newly released during Leopard (Oct 2007 - Aug 2009)  (Read 2866 times)

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Applications first released between the release of Leopard (Oct 2007) & the release of Snow Leopard (Aug 2009)
Ableton Live 7 (11/1/2007) (req panther+)
Reason 4.0 (11/1/2007) (req tiger+)
Logic pro 8 (11/7/2007) (req tiger+)
Nuendo 4 (12/1/2007) (req Tiger+)
Pro Tools M-powered 7.42 update (7/15/2008)
Digital Performer 6 (11/8/2008) (req tiger 10.4.7+)
Pro Tools LE 8 (req leopard+) (Pro Tools 8.0.5 last v. to work on leopard)
Pro Tools M-powered 8 (1/1/2009) (req leopard 10.5.5+)
Cubase 5 (3/9/2009) (req leopard+) (cubase 4 versions still compatible)
Live 8 (4/15/2009) (req tiger+)
Native Instruments Komplete 5 (7/1/2009)
Logic Pro 9 (7/9/2009) (req leopard 10.5.7+)

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