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Author Topic: nubus macs for use with nubus protools systems  (Read 708 times)

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nubus macs for use with nubus protools systems
« on: November 12, 2015, 12:44:04 AM »
this information is an attempt to gather the neccessary parts to create a nubus protools system... either a minimal 442+audio card (1991)
or a pro tools III nubus (1992) system

5slots :
quadra 950 (1992) *net oct95
quadra 900 (1991) *net may92

3slots 68k :
quadra 800 (1993) *net mar94
quadra 650 (1993) *net sept94
centris 650 (1993) *optional net oct93

3slots ppc
powermac 8100 (1994) *net jan95
powermac 7100 (1995) *net jan96

3slot AV enhanced: (1993) 68k *net jul94 (1994) ppc *net aug95 (1995) ppc *net aug96

pt project nubus card

dsp farm nubus card

disk io nubus card

bridge io nubus card

audiomedia II nubus card

samplecell nubus card

the pro tools audio card (1991) supports the digidesign 442 (

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Setting Up a NuBus Power Mac as a Digital Recording Studio
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