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Author Topic: daw timeline 1993-2013 (reference table)  (Read 3068 times)

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daw timeline 1993-2013 (reference table)
« on: August 27, 2014, 01:33:25 AM »
20 Years of PC+MAC DAW history
this information was compiled by me with great determination.. extracting information from other articles + press releases + manuals (as accurately as possible, but there may be mistakes) i hope that it can offer some help to those looking to use older pcs with the right level of software (that the cpu can handle) to more effectively use software from the past + those like me who are just interested in having a good overview of the history of the software to refererence to troubleshoot compatibility. please respond + leave me a message if u have any information to add, or corrections. its just a screengrab of my real working spreadsheet which is a google spreadsheet!

i find that using software that came out 2 years before + 2 years after the date of your CPU's release, is a great match for performance + compatibility. so, figure out what cpu u have, find when it was first released, then use audio software within a range of 2 years of that date.. or if u really want the BEST performance, use software from 2-3 years BEFORE your cpu was released!

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