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Author Topic: why was pro tools 7.4 a paid upgrade from 7.3?  (Read 2427 times)

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why was pro tools 7.4 a paid upgrade from 7.3?
« on: August 29, 2014, 12:21:54 PM »

Read the pdf to read about the changes in pro tools 7.4

New Features in Pro Tools LE
and Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4
Pro Tools LE and M-Powered 7.4 include the fol-
lowing new or enhanced features:
Elastic Audio for Real-Time and Rendered Time
• Elastic audio tracks:
• Real-time
• Rendered
• Optimized analysis and Time Compression
and Expansion (TCE) algorithms for poly-
phonic, monophonic, and rhythmic material
• Varispeed resampling algorithm to link time
and pitch changes
• Ability to automatically conform imported
audio (AIFF, WAV, BWF, REX, and ACID files)
from DigiBase to local session tempo
• Ability to automatically conform audio to
tempo changes on tick-based Elastic Audio
• New Track Views:
• Warp track view for detailed Elastic Audio
• Analysis track view for advanced Elastic
Audio analysis editing
• Elastic Properties window for audio regions
on Elastic Audio-enabled tracks

What’s New in Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4
• DigiBase support of Elastic Audio:
• Ability to preview files in DigiBase at the
session tempo
• Ability to preview audio in DigiBase brows-
ers in tandem with session playback
• Elastic Audio plug-in selector for preview
and import
• Create Elastic Audio Analysis command for
batch analyzing files in DigiBase
• Clear Elastic Audio Analysis command
• Ability to quantize audio
Miscellaneous Pro Tools Features and
• Playback Engine enhancements for Elastic Au-
dio and sampler instrument plug-ins (such as
• DAE Playback Buffer Size now includes val-
ues in milliseconds
• Cache Size for determining amount of
memory DAE allocates to pre-buffer audio
for playback and looping when using Elas-
tic Audio
• Plug-in Streaming Buffer Size for determin-
ing amount of memory DAE allocates for
sample playback with sampler plug-ins
• “Optimize for Streaming Content” option
for improved playback of sampler plug-in
samples located on your audio drive
• Separate CPU (RTAS) and CPU (Elastic) meters
in System Usage window
• New Editing preferences:
• Changes to Fades Editing preference
• New Warp/Notes Track View in Zoom Tog-
gle section

New Processing preferences:
• Import REX Files as Region Groups prefer-
ence and Automatically Create Fades op-
• Drag and Drop From Desktop Conforms to
Session Tempo preferences
• Elastic Audio options
• General session, track, and plug-in features:
• Click Setup menu command renamed to
• Event Menu commands renamed
• Time Shift field (in Time Shift plug-in) re-
named to Speed
• Waveform height for new and imported
tracks follows default waveform height set-
• Save Session Copy In dialog updated with
options to Limit Character Set and to not
copy Elastic Audio Rendered Files
• Missing Files dialog updated with option to
Regenerate Missing Rendered Files Without
• Miscellaneous DigiBase features:
• Ability to toggle between Loop Preview and
Normal Preview during file preview
• Preview button Right-click menu for pre-
viewing files
• Ability to preview one or both channels of
a split stereo file
• Volume control for previewed files
• Meter display and clip indicators for pre-
viewed files
• Look Ahead typing for DigiBase searches

Language compatibility features and en-
• Entry and display of any language charac-
ters supported in Unicode
• Ability to search across multiple languages
in DigiBase
• New Display preference sets language for
Pro Tools application, making it possible to
run one language version on a different lo-
calized version of Windows
• New “Default Auto-Naming to English
(ASCII)” preference
• New Text Encoding menu in Import Ses-
sion Data dialog, for identifying language
encoding of legacy sessions
• Ability to choose language encoding used
when saving session materials
• Database information for all languages
now stored in a single Unicode folder
• Editing improvements:
• Beat Detective Enhanced Resolution gen-
eral analysis algorithm (Pro Tools LE or
M-Powered with Music Production Toolkit
• Improved transient detection for Tab to
Transients and Separate Region at Tran-
• Tab to Transients command keyboard
• MIDI improvements:
• MIDI In to Pro Tools over ReWire
• LE interface enhancements:
• On/off footswitch support (003, 003 Rack,
Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, and Mbox 2 Pro
• Ability to punch in and out with foot-
switch added to Mbox 2 Pro