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Author Topic: roland mt32 (1987) multi timbre sound module  (Read 393 times)

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roland mt32 (1987) multi timbre sound module
« on: December 17, 2015, 08:57:42 AM »

Roland MT-32
The Roland MT-32 not initially developed for the home computer game market. It was first developed as a synthesizer expansion unit for use by professional musicians. If your D-50 couldn't spit out enough simultaneous voices (synth polyphony), just add an MT-32 and let it take care of the some of the background stuff (that's where the “32” in the name came from, it could sound up to 32 voices simultaneously).

The MT-32 was a sleek looking unit for it's time. The front panel sported a volume knob, ten buttons and a small, green LCD screen used to indicate the current patch and to help facilitate patch programming.

Type: Synth/ module/
Synthesis Type: Digital with 2 MB of ROM
Max: 32
Typical in use: 8-12
Multi-timbral (number of parts): 8+1 drumpart
Oscillators per Voice :
Min : 1
Max : 4
Controllers :
Effects :
Number of FX units : 1
Number of different effects : 8 reve/delays
Drum Section :
Number of Drum Kits : 1
Number of Drum sounds : 30
Keyboard :
Number of Keys :
Can send on simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to :
Sounds can be split by : keyboard
Memory :
Patches : 128 rom only
Upgrade Options : External patch editors and librarians you can edit sounds of your own

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