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Author Topic: Whats New In Live 5? (Jul 2005)  (Read 4789 times)

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Whats New In Live 5? (Jul 2005)
« on: August 15, 2014, 04:09:59 PM »
What's New in Live 5?
(features found in live 5 not present in live 4 + previous)

1.2.1   Remix Features
-  Support for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg FLAC and FLAC compressed audio files (see Sample Files)
-  Auto-Warp (see Syncing Longer Pieces)
-  Complex Warp Mode (see Complex Mode) for warping music containing beats, tones and textures
-  Clip scrub, nudge and improved transport controls (see Clip Offset and Nudging)

1.2.2   Organizational Tools for Files and Sets
-  File search function (see Searching for Files)
-  Better browsing for  files and folders (see Working with the File Browsers)
-  LiveClip(seeLiveClips)formatforeasystorageandretrievalofclipanddevicesettings
-  Import and export of Live Sets (see Importing and Exporting Sets with the Browser) and their components directly from the Browser
-  Open Recent Set command

1.2.3   Clip and Track Enhancements
-  Track Freeze (see Track Freeze) for conserving CPU resources and simplifying project sharing
-  Track Delay controls (see Track Delays) to control for human, acoustic and hardware delays
-  Multi-selection clip editing (see Clip View)
-  Clip deactivation option (see Clip Activator Switch)

1.2.4   Working with Arrangements
-  Launchable Arrangement Locators (see Launching the Arrangement with Locators)
-  New Arrangement Transport (see Transport)
-  Track I/O in the Arrangement View (see Routing and I/O)

1.2.5   Editing MIDI
-  Detailed and adaptive MIDI quantization options (see Arranging and Quantizing Notes)
-  Preview in the MIDI Editor (see The MIDI Editor)
-  MIDI note deactivation option (see Deactivating Notes)

1.2.6   MIDI and Key Remote Control
-  Mackie Control support (see Mackie Control)
-  Improved mapping for the crossfader (see Using Live's Crossfader)

1.2.7 Resources
-  Valuable library (see The Library) of clips, device presets and Live Sets
-  Library expansion and customization with Live Packs (see Live Packs)
-  New interactive built-in program lessons (see Learn About Live)

1.2.8   Live Effects and Instruments
-  Beat Repeat (see Beat Repeat) for reorganizing and shredding beats and vocals
-  Phaser (see Phaser) and Flanger (see Flanger)
-  Auto Pan (see Auto Pan) for LFO-driven manipulation of amplitude and panning
-  Saturator (see Saturator) for subtle-to-drastic distortion effects
-  Arpeggiator (see Arpeggiator)
-  New features for Simpler (see Simpler) and Operator (see Operator)

1.2.9   Using Devices
-  Browser-based device preset management (see Live Device Presets)
-  Device groups (see Device Groups) for saving multi-effect combinations together with instruments
-  Device delay compensation (see Device Delay Compensation) for Live and plug-in instruments and effects
-  Live can receive MIDI messages from plug-ins
-  VST Plug-ins can be stored in various directories (see The VST Plug-In Folder)

1.2.10 Miscellaneous
-    (PC) /   Ctrl   (Mac) context menus for many commands and settings
-  Zoom-adaptive or fixed grid options (see Using the Editing Grid)
-  Count-in recording (see Recording with Count-in)
-  Monitoring status easily visible when the In/Out section is hidden
-  Files, Sets and presets can be dragged into Live from the Explorer (Windows) / Finder (Mac)