Author Topic: opcode studio vision 3.06 (Aug 1996) working program download, 68K compatible  (Read 6674 times)

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for use with vintage Beige macs... 68k or powermac 600 series cpu, or mac g3/g4

also you will need OMS:
here a link for a matching version
v2.2 OMS (July 1996)
v2.3.4 is from (june 1998)

Studio Vision Pro 3.0 System Requirements
1.4 Megabyte Floppy Drive
Macintosh IIci (minimum), 68040 Power Macintosh (recommended) with System 7.0 or later
32 bit addressing
12 or more megabytes of RAM
18 millisecond or faster hard drive
Digidesign Hardware* or Yamaha Hardware*
Apple Sound Manager 3.1*

Digidesign AudioMedia II,1580
Digidesign AudioMedia III,154
Yamaha CBX-D3,4135
Yamaha CBX-D5,592
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