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Yamaha FS1R (1998) Formant Shaping Synthesis Tone Module
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-Formant Shaping Synthesis Technology Opens New Possibilities for Truly Unique Sounds-
BUENA PARK, CA - Yamaha, the world leader in advanced synthesis techniques, has introduced a high-end tone generator which opens up a whole new realm of sonic possibilities to musicians. The FS1R Tone Generator utilizes a brand-new synthesis technology-Formant Shaping-which creates new sounds never heard before. The single-rackspace FS1R is ideal for anyone tired of simple PCM playback devices and looking for completely different and unique timbres.

The FS1R's power-packed features include 88 Algorithms, featuring: 16 Programmable Operators (8 Voiced and 8 Unvoiced), FS (Formant-Shaping Synthesis) with Formant Sequences and FM (Frequency Modulation), and a programmable effects section including Reverb, Chorus and Variation effects. The FS1R's 32-note polyphony (16 notes when using the Dynamic Filters) and 4-part/16 MIDI channel multi-timbrality make it a perfect choice for today's project studios. Also on-board are 1,536 Preset Voices, 128 User Voices, 128 Preset Performances and 128 User Performances.

Four front-panel control knobs allow for easy editing and real-time performance control of FM index, filter cutoff/resonance, attack, release and a large selection of other programmable parameters. The FS1R also supports connection to the G50 Guitar MIDI Controller and is backward patch compatible with Yamaha's acclaimed DX7. The FS1R is currently shipping.

"Yamaha is on the cutting edge with the FS1R," states Athan Billias, marketing manager, Digital Musical Instruments (DMI) Department. "Formant Synthesis technology is unique in its ability to simulate the formant characteristics of the human voice and acoustic instruments as well as radical new timbres."

The key principle behind Formant Synthesis technology is the ability to synthesize and control formants. "Formant is a term used to describe the fixed-frequency components of sounds that give them an identifiable character regardless of their pitch," explains Avery Burdette, DMI product manager. "Whether a man or a woman sings 'aah' it still has the characteristic formants which make you recognize the sound as 'aah' instead of 'eee.' Essentially, that is what a formant is. The FS1R gives you the ability to synthesize and control these crucial elements of sound."

In addition, the FS1R has the ability to play back a formant sequence, enabling complex patterns of formants for creating vocal phrases, rhythmic loops and trance/techno patterns. "The formant sequence provides the ability to shape a sound over time and shift the formant energy over different frequencies," says Burdette. "Some of the FSeqs can make the FS1R actually speak and some give a moving, rhythmic texture to the sound. It's really unlike anything you've ever heard." The FS1R comes with 100 preset formant sequences.

"Imagine an easy-to-edit DX7 with new FM algorithms, resonant filters and effects processing," adds Billias. "That sounds pretty amazing, but what is really exciting is to hear something definitely different. With Formant Synthesis, we're offering cutting-edge musicians a real sonic alternative."

For more information on the FS1R Tone Generator, visit Yamaha at Winter NAMM, Los Angeles Convention Center, Petree Hall, West Lobby Entrance; write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Digital Musical Instruments Department, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail; or visit

Yamaha Corporation of America manufactures a complete line of musical instruments, professional audio products, customer-driven support products and computer-based products targeted to both the amateur and professional markets.

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