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Author Topic: Yamaha QX7 (1985?) Digital Sequence Recorder  (Read 316 times)

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Yamaha QX7 (1985?) Digital Sequence Recorder
« on: November 15, 2016, 02:02:44 PM »

Yamaha QX7 Digital Sequence Recorder

Companion to the DX7 Synthesizer. This is a step programmable, digital sequencer that was very popular in the 1980′s.

Offers high-performance 2-track digital sequencing in any MIDI-based digital music system. The QX7 is capable of recording anything you play on any Yamaha DX synthesizer or other MIDI keyboard–complete with response and function parameters such as pitch bend, modulation, etc. What you play will be reproduced exactly. You can also write in notes in the ” step ” mode, letting you create pieces that would be impossible to play live. Overdubbing capability is practically unlimited, and you can control more than one FM tone generator–say a DX7 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer and a TX7 FM expander– letting you sequence more than one voice at a time. Further, a range of useful editing and other control functions let you modify and enhance your compositions with ease. And there’s a cassette interface so you can save all your hard work on a standard cassette recorder for later use. The QX7 Digital Sequence Recorder can give you virtually unlimited capability for creative, digital music productio