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Author Topic: Promise EIDE Pro (Feb 1996)  (Read 3552 times)

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Promise EIDE Pro (Feb 1996)
« on: September 09, 2017, 01:43:48 PM »
Stand-alone 16-bit ISA controller card supports EIDE drives up to 8.4GB, while adding a high-speed I/O suite. EIDEPro makes using high capacity drives and devices easier for virtually any older PC and budget. It even improves drive performance for ISA systems.

NEW to Promise Territory!! Our EIDEPRO really makes ISA really fly! Attach 4 larger, faster EIDE drives. Boost data transfers by up to 80%. Run IDE CD-ROMs/tape backups. Even get a high-speed (UART16550) I/O suite for external modem, parallel devices and joystick. All without clumsy software solutions.

- Supports up to four EIDE/IDE devices including ATAPI CD-ROMs and tape drives
- On-board LBA BIOS supports 4 high-capacity EIDE drives without software drivers or updating the motherboard BIOS
- Boosts ISA ISDE data transfer rate up to 80%
- Enhanced parallel port for latest enhanced printers & high-speed parallel port devices
- High-speed floppy tape and floppy support
- Two 16550 UART serial ports for high speed external modems
- Supports DOS 5.0 and above, Windows 3.1x, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT 3.1, 3.5, Windows 95, OS/2 2.1, Warp

EIDEPRO Product Launch

To: All Distributors & Dealers/VARs

Date: Feb-15-1996

Get Ready for the Information Super Highway with

High-Capacity EIDE Storage Controller & High-Speed Communications Suite

Promise Technology introduces the best 16-bit multi-function controller solution for PC users yet -- EIDEPRO, for cost-effective, instant high capacity EIDE drives and high-speed communications support. EIDEPRO brings Promise's best-selling VESA EIDE2300plus controller technology to the 16-bit platform. EIDEPRO's LBA BIOS supports four Enhanced IDE drives. Or plug in two EIDE drives and an IDE CD-ROM/ tape. With EIDEPRO, users are ready to tap into the information age with a complete set of high-speed serial ports (UART16550), 2.88MB floppy and high-speed floppy tape support, bi-directional enhanced parallel port (EPP/ECP)...even a game port!
Promise offers EIDEPRO as the ultimate low-cost, high performance answer to the corporate, SOHO and home users upgrade dilemma.
Just look at the benefits you get.
1. High capacity storage support (up to 8.4GB hard drives) without having to load software drivers.

2. Need multimedia or tape backup? Attach an IDE CD-ROM or IDE tape backup to EIDEPRO. It is ATAPI-ready.

3. EIDEPRO offers an advanced IDE block-mode to instantly boost ISA-based IDE disk controller performance by up to 80% over conventional ISA controllers.

4. EIDEPRO supplies two high-speed communication ports, ready for 28.8K modems, which are essential to today's information superhighway standards.

5. Two floppy drives (up to 2.88MB) and high speed floppy tape support and game port round out an amazing list of features.

6. Best of all, EIDEPRO allows feature-by-feature enable/disable control for complete device compatibility with your existing hardware.
For you, the reseller, to become fully aware of how best to position and sell EIDEPRO, we've put together information on major product features, product positioning in the market, and our basic competition. Our product launch information specifically covers: market overview, product specifications, features & benefits, competitive analysis & product positioning, and cost vs. performance/features comparisons.

Market Overview

Larger program sizes ( for example: Windows '95, Word 6.0 and WordPerfect 6.1 take up to 60MB+) demand more and more from operating platforms and storage subsystems than ever before. Despite rapidly falling prices for hard disk storage and systems, many corporate users in particular are faced with large scale upgrades of their company desktops. Many individual users face the same decision at home. Simply to get more capacity, support 14.4 and higher speed modem connections to the Internet, or to configure multimedia and tape backup support, these customers are often faced with changing from ISA-based architectures to more costly and complex 32-bit platform choices.
EIDEPRO serves as the most powerful solution to extending the life of and investment in any PC with a 16-bit ISA slot. Users can begin taking advantage of the higher standards of IDE technology, communications and floppies without complicated setups, upgrades or configuration costs.
With more than 30 million ISA-based PCs still on the market, and a majority of those still in corporations, the potential upgrade market for the EIDEPRO represents a tremendous opportunity for Promise and resellers alike.

Product Specifications
Drive Type(s)   
16-bit ISA
Devices Supported   
4 EIDE/IDE drives
2 EIDE/IDE drives + IDE CD-ROM/tape
ATAPI Ready for IDE CD-ROM/tape   
Dual Channel with primary/secondary   
Floppy Support   
2 (1.2MB, 1.44MB, 2.88MB*)
High-speed floppy tape support   
Yes (up to 1mbit/sec)
2 high-speed serial (UART16550);
1 enhanced parallel (EPP/ECP);
1 game port
Intelligent LBA BIOS for high capacity drive support without software drives   
Data Transfer Rate   
Increases ISA IDE data transfer rate by up to 80% using IDE Block Mode
DOS 5.0+, Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT 3.1, 3.5, Windows '95, OS/2 2.1, OS/2 Warp
Works with most PCs with a 16-bit ISA slot
Maximum Storage Supported   
Advanced Features   
Auto-senses drive parameters
Selectable external BIOS address
32-bit Windows driver
* requires manufacturer device driver


The Promise EIDEPRO offers some amazing capabilities to the ISA platform. This chart discusses the key features and their benefits to the user.
LBA BIOS   Intelligent BIOS supports high capacity EIDE drives without needing software drivers that can cause compatibility/performance problems
Dual Channel Operation   Offers both primary and secondary drive support for up to 4 hard drives OR 2 EIDE/IDE drives plus IDE CD-ROM/tape
ATAPI-Ready   Supports current ATAPI standard for IDE CD-ROM/tape
Block Mode/Multiple Sector Read/Write   Increases ISA IDE data transfer rates up to 80%
High Speed I/O support
(UART 16550 & EPP/ECP)

UART16550 serial ports support high-speed modems (up to 28.8K); bi-directional Enhanced Parallel port (EPP/ECP) support high speed printers and other parallel port devices
High-speed floppy support   Supports 2 floppy drives with capacities up to 2.88MB* and high speed floppy tapes (up to 1mbit/sec)
Feature-by-Feature Enable/Disable   Gives user total control over system configurations
*requires manufacturer device driver
Competitive Analysis & Product Positioning

EIDEPRO's powerful, high storage capacity and performance-driven solution to ISA EIDE gives our customers the ability to mix and match system requirements and specs to fit their particular applications. EIDEPRO offers both end user and reseller amazing feature-by-feature flexibility ideal solution for users looking for a cost-effective upgrade to their existing PC with a 16-bit ISA slot.
You are also getting the satisfaction of the reliable and proven Promise Technology's quality product and highest level of after sales support through on-line phone, e-mail, Compuserve forum "GO PROMISE", BBS and Fax-back. After all we are the creator of IDE disk caching controllers with a proven track record in innovative EIDE/IDE controller products.
Promise Technology's EIDEPRO and GSI's Model 32 offer 16-bit based controller support for high capacity drives. Yet Promise clearly demonstrates striking product/price/performance advantages. The following chart compares the major features of these cards that most affect the

user's system.

Model 32
# of high capacity drives support   
Dual Channel   
primary & secondary
Only one channel
Maximum Storage capacity   
up to 33.6GB
(4 x 8.4GB)
up to 16.8GB
(2 x 8.4GB)
Windows 32-bit disk access support   
High Speed Serial   
High Speed Parallel (EPP/ECP)   
# of floppies supported   
* Street price could be lower;
** NO MSRP-listed in Insight Direct catalogue (issue 24/Feb '96)

Cost vs. Performance

The following chart shows Promise Technology's EIDEPRO product position against GSI Model 36 plotted by cost vs. features. The chart clearly shows that the EIDEPRO offers the number one 16-bit EIDE and high speed I/O solution. The higher on the chart a product appears, the less expensive it is. Farther right on the chart shows more performance. Promise is clearly your best choice for price AND features!

All trademarks are properties of their respective holders. Specifications & prices are subject to change without notice. Operating system and peripheral support quoted are current as of this publication date; Feb-15-1996

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Re: Promise EIDE Pro (Feb 1996)
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 11:33:56 AM »

supports up to four eide/ide devices including ide cd-roms + tape drives -on-board LBA BIOS supports 4 high-capacity eide drives without software drivers or updating the motherboards BIOS -boosts ISA IDE performance up to 80% -two high-speed serial ports for high-speed data/fax modems + DSVD modems -enhanced parallel port for latest enhanced printers + high-speed parallel port devices - high-speed floppy tape + floppy support