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craig andertons 'electronics projects for musicians' (1980)
« on: December 18, 2017, 11:59:41 AM »

entire book available here: 216 pages

Electronic Projects for Musicians
Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig AndertonEven if you don't know an ohm from a volt, Craig Anderton's revised and expanded book shows you how to build 27 accessories that enhance your sound and broaden your musical horizons. If you're an old hand at musical electronics, you'll really appreciate that all of the processors, from tube sound fuzz to phase shifter are compatible and work together without creating noise, signal loss, bandwidth compression or any of the other problems common to interconnecting effects from different manufacturers. There's even a complete chapter on how to modify and combine effects to produce your own custom pedal board. Low cost project kits available from PAiA help make even your first exposure to electronics a pleasant, hassle-free experience and thanks to CD bound into the book, you know just how the device will sound before you even start.

These kits include circuit board and all components. Instructions for the assembly of each kit are part of the book "Electronic Projects for Musicians" and are not duplicated with the kit. To allow maximum flexibility in their application, no cases or enclosures are included, but the PAiA FracRak card cage is an economical alternative to the Vero (TM) cases shown in the book. Circuit boards are available alone at the prices listed under "pc only". Kit w/pc prices are for all parts and includes the circuit board. Unlisted projects have no kits available.
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