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Nuendo v1.0 requirements (pc) (Aug 2000)
« on: December 11, 2014, 10:08:45 PM »

System Requirements    
     Like most hardware and software manufacturers, Steinberg quote a fairly basic minimum PC spec for their product: a Pentium II 233MHz processor and 128Mb of RAM, running either Windows 98, NT 4, or 2000. However, Nuendo has various built-in optimisations for Pentium III processors, so I suspect that this will be the best option. Users of Windows NT and 2000 get multi-processor support, but Steinberg admit that Windows 2000 is not yet ideal for MIDI use. You can use any soundcard that has either MME or ASIO drivers, although as usual ASIO ones are recommended for serious users. Those with suitable ASIO 2.0-compatible cards will also get sample-accurate sync and Direct Monitoring.

However, since I was supplied with a completely preconfigured PC system for the purposes of this review, it's interesting to see what Steinberg UK consider suitable to show off the professional aspects of Nuendo. The supplied PC had dual Pentium III 550MHz processors and 256Mb of RAM running Windows 2000 Professional. It was fitted into a 4U rackmount case, and three hard drives had been installed: a 5400rpm Maxtor 91021U2 UDMA66 boot drive of 10Gb, and two identical 9Gb Seagate Barracuda Ultra Wide SCSI drives (ST39175LW), along with a 50-speed EIDE CD-ROM drive.

Display duties were handled by a Matrox Millennium G400 Dual Head AGP graphics card, feeding two 17-inch CTX monitors. Using this twin-screen display made general operation far more pleasurable, since its 2048 by 768 resolution (two 1024 by 768 screens side-by-side) allowed enough space to have the Project page on the left-hand screen, and the Mixer on the right -- a vast improvement on switching between the two.
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