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Author Topic: Logic Audio Release Dates timeline (approximate?)  (Read 1634 times)

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Logic Audio Release Dates timeline (approximate?)
« on: August 17, 2014, 10:53:45 AM »
as far as i know the name was changed from "notator logic" to simply "logic" sometime in 1993
at or around approximately version 1.6 or v1.7, sometime in fall/winter 1993

(some of these dates may be for Atari / Mac / PC)

4/1/1991 C-LAB NOTATOR V3.0 (current as of)
3/1/1992 C-Lab Notator/Creator v3.1 (atari?)
5/1/1993   Notator Logic v1.2
12/1/1993   Notator Logic Audio
01/1/1993 Logic Audio v1.0
9/1/1993    Notator Logic Version 1.6
6/1/1994   Logic Audio v2.0
10/1/1995   Logic Audio v2.5
2/1/1996   Logic Audio v2.5
11/1/1996   Logic Audio v2.5 PC
1/1/1998   Logic Audio v3.0
4/1/1998   Logic Audio v3.0 PC
10/1/1998   Logic Audio v3.5
8/1/1999   Logic 4
12/1/2001   Logic 5

In March 2004 Apple released Logic Pro 6, which consolidated over 20 different Emagic products into a single product package. including:

-all instrument and effect plug-ins,
-Waveburner Pro (CD Authoring application),
-Pro Tools TDM support

  Apple also released a scaled down version of Logic called Logic Express,
replacing two previous versions that filled that position called Logic Silver and Logic Gold.

Apple began promoting Logic Pro as one of its flagship software ‘Pro’ applications for the Macintosh platform. 

logic v6: march 2004 
pro v7: september 29th 2004 
pro v8 : september 12th, 2007 
pro v9: july 23rd 2009

The Comprehensive Software Solution for Professional Audio Production

Logic Pro 6 combines all of the attributes required to form the ultimate music and audio production software for your Apple computer. It expands on one of the industry-leading systems for integrated composition, notation and audio production and features nearly inexhaustible possibilities for native sound generation and processing.

The driving force behind the development of Logic Pro 6 are the requirements of professional musicians and producers. There are countless reasons why Logic improves productivity in the studio. For starters: It offers intuitive control, a freely configurable user interface and has an envious reputation for its reliability.

Music composition, audio recording, multimedia, sound generation, movie scoring and remixing - Logic Pro 6 provides an all-in-one solution for the most ambitious professional musical projects and audio productions.

4/3/2003   Logic 6
3/29/2004 Logic PRO 6
3/29/2004 Logic Express 7
12/4/2004   Logic PRO 7
9/12/2007 Logic Express 8
11/7/2007   Logic PRO 8
7/9/2009   Logic PRO 9
7/16/2013 Logic PRO X
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