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Author Topic: Cubase Score 3.0 *WORKING DEMO* download (1996) (win3.x/win95/powerpc os7.5/8/9)  (Read 9740 times)

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this app was originally intended to be run on 386/486 IBM/PC compatibles! running Windows (but theres also a ppc mac demo download aswell, sorry no 68k support here)
the macintosh version supports OMS but they reccommend you dont use OMS for the demo
they also reccommend not using apple midi manager

looking for a logic demo?

Requires Windows 3.xx or Windows 95.
Cannot be run in win3.1's Standard mode.
Enhanced mode only

Cubase Score 3.0 for Windows
*Retreived from archive of*

Requires a computer with Windows 3.x or Windows 95 and at least 8 MB of RAM. Please read the README first.

pc demo files
install disk
how to install
cubase score 3.0 documentation

minimum setup:
386DX33 + 16 colors + 640x480

reccommended setup:
486DX2-66 + 256 colors + 800x600

mac demo files:

from the readme:
      Steinberg Cubase Score for Windows 3.0 Demo version
This a slimmed-down version of Cubase Score 3.0 Demo for Windows.

We decided to offer this "smaller version", for quicker
download from the net, in addition to our upcoming CD-ROM which
includes extensive tutorial, online documentation,
demo-songs (Audio/MIDI) and a lot more.

There are many additional files, that are not included in this
net-release but will be on the CD-ROM:
drum maps, mixer maps, groove files, modules, read me files,
score tutorials, studio library, styles and textures.

This "small version" contains the full Cubase Score 3.0 Demo
without ADAT and MMC (MIDI Machine Control) support. It
installs with Multimedia Extensions (MME) support and GM-drum map.

This is a convenient solution to get a detailed impression
of the power of this music application on your PC.

You can import WAV-Audio without any limitations.
Cut, Copy and Edit Audio and MIDI and create Score layouts.

What you can't do? You can't save! Sorry about that, but we hope
you will enjoy it nevertheless!

Watch our Web for the announcement when the full blown
Demo CD-ROM is available!



America Online

United States


Just put the file CubaseDemo.exe into an emtpy folder and execute.
After that, launch the file EXTRACT.BAT which will create
an installable disk image. Finally, start INSTALL.EXE from
within Windows to install the Cubase Score Demo.

Have fun with this demo
The Steinberg Team
.c CodeWarrior  C Source E   CGMmGKON       .cgmGraphicCon

i would also post the wavelab v1.6 demo but that file was linked to their ftp for download
and as a result was not included in the web-crawl backup that saved these files.. back in december of 1996.

heres the info page:

at the time of this demo, the cubase line up was as follows:

-Cubasis AUDIO
-Cubase (midi)
-Cubase AUDIO (midi + audio)
-Cubase Score (midi + audio + notation)

If you're looking for the ultimate integrated MIDI sequencing, score printing and native audio processing program, Cubase Score is your choice!

The program includes all the standard features of Cubase plus professional score editing and printing. The powerful scoring section includes a variety of layout tools, a dedicated lyrics mode, guitar tablature, drum notation and much more...

Cubase Score lets you place notes exactly where you want them, not where the computer wants them.

The new Version 3 for Macintosh and Windows adds even more power: in addition to over 200 new features in the scoring section, the program now comes with integrated StyleTrax AutoStyles, CueTrax Graphic Mastertrack, and a whole host of other enhancements in the sequencing part of the program.

Built-in Audio Processing
   Cubase Audio has a lot of dedicated audio features ranging from the Audio Pool library window to non-destructive and destructive sample editing.

All versions of Cubase Audio now come with integrated fast time & pitch correction!

Depending on the program version and the hardware used, there are features ranging from equalization to total recall mixing and audio-to-groove to time correction.

Key Features
Supported Audio Devices

Macintosh TDM Window with optional Plug-Ins

    Macintosh: All current Digidesign hardware including TDM support
    PowerMacintosh: Native audio without additional hardware (with VST)
    Falcon: Native audio without additional hardware
    Windows: Digidesign Session 8 and Audiomedia III
    Windows: Yamaha CBX-D3/D5 4-channel hard disk recorders
    Windows: Windows Multimedia System compatible Soundcards


    Virtually unlimited number of MIDI Tracks
    Easy to use intuitive Arrange Window with toolbox
    16 Arrange Windows per Song File (=16 Songs simultaneously)
    Editors: Key - List - Score - Drum
    Quantization: 6 different methods including Groove Quantize
    CueTrax: Graphic Mastertrack Processor & Editor
    Advanced Synchronization features
    Tape Track Class: Remote control of tape machines with visual feedback
    MIDI Mixer: custom-configurable mixer maps
    - giving realtime control with flying faders
    - supporting up to 1,024 mixer objects
    - enabling total recall & 'snap shot' automation
    - including many templates for synths & FX
    IPS: Interactive Phrase Synthesizer
    MIDI FX-processor
    Logical Editor for any kind of data manipulation


    On-screen icon bar for fast input and editing of notes.
    Choice of noteheads, grace notes and cue notes. Guitar Tablature and Drum Notation.
    Chord Track for automatic placement of accidentals, enharmonics and chords.
    Display Quantize at any point in the score.
    4-voice polyphony per part (8 voices per split staff). Explode chords function to polyphonic voices and individual tracks.
    Build tuplet groups (2-15 notes).
    On-screen insertion of time signatures and barlines - nested time signatures, manual and automatic note grouping.
    Over 100 symbols (many with MIDI meaning). Multi-insert and edit facility. Choice of Text/Lyric modes.
    Staff presets. Adjustable stave sizes and distances.
    Auto Layout of bars and staves.
    Import/Export of layout templates to individual parts and arrangements
    Scaleable printing - up to 32 staves per page.
    Export scores for use with many standard DTP programs


   Total integration of Audio & MIDI.
    Up to 48 audio tracks available on Mac, 16 on Falcon, up to 8 on Atari TT and Windows.
(Number of physical audio tracks dependent on hardware)
    Number of virtual audio tracks dependent on RAM
    Audio Editor for non-destructive editing
    Wave Editor for sample-level editing & processing (Macintosh/PowerMacintosh and Windows version only)
    Integrated Time Stretch & Pitch Shift
    Equalization (hardware dependent)
    Audio Pool (sound archive)
    Time Bandit/Sound Designer link (Macintosh/PowerMacintosh version only)
    WaveLab link (Windows version only)

    Synchronization: 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97 drop, 30 drop SMPTE frame rates
    MIDI Time Code & MIDI Machine Control supported
    PC: General MIDI / Roland GS / Yamaha XG Mixer
    PC: Full Windows Multimedia System Support
    Mac: Supports OMS II, the Open Music System by Steinberg and Opcode.

System Requirements
68040 or better, 16MB RAM, System 7.1 or higher, audio hardware & hard disk.
For native audio processing: PowerMacintosh 7100 or better with at least 24MB RAM.
486DX/33MHz or better, 8MB RAM, VGA, Windows 3.1 or higher, audio hardware and hard disk.
For sample editing: Windows 95
4MB, SCSI -hard disk, VGA
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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
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    • | vintage audio production software + hardware info
Minimum System: 486 DX-50, 8 MB RAM, VGA
Reccommended: Pentium 90, 16 MB RAM, 800 x 600 VGA, 256 colors+

Operating System:
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
-Supported Midi Interface + Midi Instrument
-Supported Digital Audio Device
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Here is the full installer incl. dongle crack.
-> \disk1\setup.exe