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Welcome to this PUBLIC download location for Opcode files brought to you by http://www.oldschooldaw.com! This mirror is being setup, as of December 1st, 2016 in order to help distribute these important files!

the main reason also to try to get all the related opcode files in one place + organized together into a more easily downloable + understandable format
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by clicking "upload.php" above, you can upload a few files at a time to make them available for other opcode users!
the uploaded files will end up immediately available in the /uploads directory, but eventually will be moved to their proper place

opcode links + urls
Opcode YAHOO Users Group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/opcodeusers/info

Vision DSP Quick Start: quickstart_Vis_4.5.pdf
Opcode Vision and Studio Vision Manuals and Tech Pubs: Manuals click here
Opcode Tech Primer:tech primer
Galaxy Manual: Galaxy-2.x-Manual-1995.pdf

archived content
Old Opcode User Group archived: fm-music.com archive
Original archive on the Opcode Users wayback machine: Vision Archive on Wayback Machine
Low End Mac - Guide to CPU Upgrades for AGP G4 Power Macs: powermac g4 upgrade guide
popeye! http://www.popeye-x.com/tech/opcode_nostalgia.htm
Most Opcode files you could want in one place: http://www.aaack.org/apple/opcode/

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MacOS9Lives.com Digital Audio Workstation Forum: macos9lives.com
Oldschooldaw.com PC/MAC MIDI/DAW archive: oldschooldaw.com