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Author Topic: audiorealism ADM CM(2013) *download* FREE with 606 version drum samples  (Read 3062 times)

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32bit VST
version 1.2.2
for windows (16mb) (Vista/7/8???)

ADM CM came free with Computer Music magazine 178
It’s a special version of ADM drum machine plug-in, lacking the full ADM’s TR-808/TR-909 emulations and MIDI out mode,
but instead coming with an exclusive built-in bank of 250 CM drum samples.

"CM" means "Computer music" magazine edition
which is a lite/preview free version of the full retail product for tryout
the posted version file is for windows
not sure if there was a mac version

Welcome to AudioRealism Drum Machine (ADM)
Computer Music Edition!
This version is limited to
-606 emulation and sample playback,
-no MIDI output and a few other limitations.
The full manual (recommended for new users) can be downloaded from:

Here's the feature list:

• Authentic emulation of the classic Roland TR-606 drum machine
• Exclusive built-in bank of 250 CM drum samples
• Roland-style step sequencer (including patterns in various styles)
• Global accent per step, four prescales per pattern
• Flam per step and shuffle per pattern
• 12dB/octave filter with a pattern-programmable envelope
• "Mangler" effect, also programmable via sequencer
• Two MIDI Modes (Pattern and Note)
• Full MIDI CC with learning function
• Import Rebirth patterns and 909 Sysex
• Multi-output (11 individual unprocessed outputs)
• Load your own WAV and AIFF samples into the drum parts
• Master output modes: Clean, Old, Older and Louder
• Optional master output limiter with Soft and Hard modes
• And much more!