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Author Topic: transfering files to win3.1 from win7 via builtin "sharing" in file manager  (Read 2245 times)

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so i was sitting here wondering how to get a web browser or an ftp app onto my windows 3.11 box

i had already set up my network card which in this case is a d-link 250CT ISA card..
and i had already added TCP/IP protocol via the TCP32B package, and set TCP/IP as the default protocol..
setup up my dns + gateway ips.. + set DHCP (all of this in windows 3.1 network setup)

so to setup a shared directory on the wfw311 box that can be accessed by any of my other windows 7 machines
i simply enabled file sharing and then ran FileManager in windows for workgroups 3.11 and then made a folder
called C:\shared and set it up to have full access.. and then i was able to see the computer + the shared folder
from windows 7! i was able to just drag simple small files over to this share at a time.. it works great!

If your network is installed + configured properly, you will see the win3.1 computer name under "Network" at the bottom left side of any explorer window in your Windows 7 machine!, u should be able to click the computer name + the share
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