Author Topic: MOTU digital performer 1.7 download (Mac os 7+)  (Read 1903 times)

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MOTU digital performer 1.7 download (Mac os 7+)
« on: February 18, 2017, 05:50:17 AM »

this version is from around september 1996 which is similar in date to the performer 6.0 release
should run on 7.6.1+ i think? see my other posting on it here: i think i put alot of info there

usefull for installing on early imacs + powermac g3s
should run great on 1999+ hardware

Digital Performer v1.7 requires a computer running MacOS 7.0 or higher, with 32-bit addressing enabled and at least 16 Megabytes of RAM.

For computers running System 7.5 or higher, then 20Mb is recommended. Stripping unnecessary fonts, sounds, control panels, extensions and other items from your System Folder will probably improve stability and performance too. The Power Mac 7100/80AV used for this review had 32Mb of RAM fitted.

Computers with PowerPC chips will run the DSP code faster since it is 100% PowerPC native, although it will still run on 680n0 Macintoshes (eg. Quadra 650). Before buying a computer for use with Digital Performer, you should confirm its compatibility and suitability with Digidesign, because their digital audio hardware has more exacting computer requirements than MOTU's software.