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midiman macman PT (1992?)
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:38:17 PM »

The Macman MIDI Interface allows your Macintosh computer to
send and receive MIDI.
If your sequencing software does not include a "MIDI
Manager," you will need to acquire Apple's MIDI Manager or
Opcode's OMS. Both of these are a free download from either
company's website ( or
In almost all cases the Macman does not need power because it
can draw current from the Mac itself. However, some Mac computers,
like the Powerbook 500 series, cannot supply enough
power. In this case the Macman has a power connector on the
side for use with an optional 9 volt dc adaptor.
To install the Macman connect the included serial cable into the
Serial In connector on the Macman. Plug the other end of the serial
cable into either the modem or printer port of your Mac --
either port can be used. Just make sure the MIDI program you
are using is set to the same port into which your Macman is
plugged. Macman does support both the new 9 pin serial GEO
port and the old standard 8 pin serial port.
Macman operates in MIDI mode when the INTERFACE/THRU
switch on the right side of the unit is pressed In AND a MIDI
application is being run. When the unit is properly activated in
this fashion, the red POWER LED will light, indicating that you
are in MIDI mode. The Macman is now able to send and receive
MIDI when addressed by a standard MIDI application.