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Author Topic: Passport Master Tracks Pro for the Macintosh (Oct 1987)  (Read 4173 times)

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Passport Master Tracks Pro for the Macintosh (Oct 1987)
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:27:05 PM »

On the face of it, there are dozens of computer-based sequencers around. The world is finally coming around to seeing the potential of non-dedicated processors which can, among other things, be MIDI control systems... and everybody's doing it.

That's what it looks like. The truth is somewhat different: there are probably only a handful of sequencing programs that are worth your attention. And, without a doubt, Master Tracks Pro is one of them.

If you're already using a Macintosh computer for music sequencing, you've probably been using Performer, as that is the most widely known program of its type in this country. If so, you will like the precision of Master Tracks Pro and the fact that you can find out exactly where virtually anything is, was or ought to be... and fiddle with it. It might also introduce you to how wonderful and intuitive graphic editing can be for certain types of applications. It may have a slightly lower resolution, but I doubt if you'll notice.

If you've been using a graphics-based package like Total Music, you'll also find Master Tracks Pro a highly stable alternative (although we crashed version 1.02 quite easily, we haven't been able to persuade version 1.10 to emulate it) with the addition of numeric precision if you need it, although you may - like me - miss the sophistication of selection by multiple parameters that Total Music offers.

You will also be able to exchange pieces of music with colleagues using the new development from Southworth, MidiPaint: because MidiPaint and Master Tracks Pro share the so-far almost unique benefit of handling the so-called 'standard' MIDI File format.

Actually, there are two MIDI File formats, Types 0 and 1 (Master Tracks Pro handles both: the former merges all the sequence data into a single multi-channel track, while the latter maintains the multitrack nature), and it is really not yet deserving of the title 'standard' as so few people are using it to date. But Opcode, its originators, are confident that it will catch on. Certainly the ability to use different programs and swap data files will have some useful benefits.

Equally, Master Tracks Pro is a very approachable program for the musician who's new to the Macintosh, as a colleague of mine is currently finding out. It is very intuitive - you don't need the manual very often after the initial self-training period, and this is generally the case with a good Macintosh application - and very flexible, without being over-complex or difficult to use. It will leave you with a feeling that you have spent all that money very wisely indeed.

Overall, Master Tracks Pro is one of the best sequencers on the market, for any machine, and it is well worth your attention. If you haven't tried a Macintosh yet for your music applications, Master Tracks Pro will quickly reveal the benefits. Isn't it time you found out what you've been missing?

Price : £199.95 inc VAT.
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