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Author Topic: HINTON INSTRUMENTS MIDIX V2 (1990)  (Read 2710 times)

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« on: December 21, 2018, 09:14:50 AM »

Hinton Instruments' MIDI routing matrix, MIDIX, has been updated to Version 2.0. This hardware/software system enables MIDI gear to be patched together via an intelligent controller, which allows you to monitor equipment interconnection and status via a computer program for the Atari ST or PC compatibles.

MIDIX is available in a number of configurations ranging from a 1x1 matrix up to a massive 96x96, all with MIDI Recall, which saves SysEx data from all the devices linked to the matrix for future instant recall.

Features of the system include Preset and Chained Preset Sequences, Definable Illegal Patching, and Definable Solo Grouping for each output. MIDIX systems have been been installed in a number of top class studios, including Peter Gabriel's Real World studios and The Wool Hall. Pictured here is a custom unit built for John Hollis, the creator of the Trackman music sequencer.