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Author Topic: Apple Macintosh Shortcut Keys include option to boot from SCSI ID #  (Read 3129 times)

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Apple Boot Key Combos:

Bypass startup drive and boot from external (or CD)   CMD-OPT-SHIFT-DELETE
Boot from CD (Most late model Apples)   C
Force the internal hard drive to be the boot drive   D
Boot from a specific SCSI ID #.(#=SCSI ID number)   CMD-OPT-SHIFT-DELETE-#
Boot into open Firmware   CMD-OPT-O-F
Clear NV RAM. Similar to reset-all in open Firmware   CMD-OPT-N-V
Disable Extensions   SHIFT
Rebuild Desktop   CMD-OPT
Close finder windows.(hold just before finder starts)   OPT
Boot with Virtual Memory off   CMD
Trigger extension manager at boot-up   SPACE
Force Quadra av machines to use TV as a monitor.   CMD-OPT-T-V
Boot from ROM (Mac Classic only).   CMD-OPT-X-O
Force PowerBooks to reset the screen   R
Force an AV monitor to be recognized as one   CMD-OPT-A-V
Eject Boot Floppy   Hold Down Mouse Button
Select volume to start from   OPT
Start in Firewire target drive mode.   T
Startup in OSX if OS9 and OXS in boot partition   X or CMD-X
Attempt to boot from network server
(Hold until Mac Logo appears)
Hold down until the 2nd chime, will boot into 9?   CMD-OPT
OSX: Watch the status of the system load   CMD-V
OSX: Enter single-user mode (shell-level mode)   CMD-S
After startup:
Bring up dialogue for shutdown/sleep/restart   POWER
Eject a Floppy Disk   CMD-SHIFT-1 or(2) or (0)

Force current app to quit   CMD-OPT-ESC
Unconditionally reboot   CTRL-CMD-POWER
Fast Shutdown   CTRL-CMD-OPT-POWER
Goto the debugger (if MacsBug is installed)   CMD-POWER
Reset Power Manager on PowerBooks.   USE THIS LINK
Put late model PowerBooks & Desktops to sleep   CMD-OPT-POWER