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Author Topic: Chicken System offers first Mac version of its program Translator (May 2007)  (Read 313 times)

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It's been just about FIVE AND A HALF YEARS!

"We expect the two programs to share the same or similar features by mid-June. If you want to know when your format will come online, e-mail us and we'll respond with a projected date."

That sounds like a promise to me... Garth swears up and down that he never promised that the two programs would have the same feature set, yet here in plain view, he directly indicates that they will. That would be called bait and switch. Some delay is understandable. 5 1/2 years is not. Especially considering the other programs that Chickensys has released in the meantime. In fact, they recently released a version of Translator for Yellow Tools Independence sampler - couldn't they have allocated some of that time to work on the Mac version that's "coming any day now"?

Similar features huh? I'm not sure a judge would agree that the Mac version's 11 input formats and 7 output formats is 'similar' to the PC version's 35 input formats and 40 output formats - over 3 times as many input formats and almost 6 times as many output formats.

Earlier tonight, I posted a brief question over that the forums asking "one year 4 months later, any word?" and guess what? Garth DELETED the comments and deleted my user ID. In less than an hour! Instead of trolling the web late at night, just maybe he could be actually coding the Mac version - just an idea...
I found this here: ... emagic.exs

May 18th, WILLMAR - Translator Mac has now been released and is shipping, serving EXS translations and WAV/AIFF sample extraction to begin with. (Our market research noted that 75% of the people requesting Mac compatibility wanted it for the use of EXS-24.) Of course, the standard features like disk viewing, sample audition, and even writing of Virtual Drives are included.

Translator is a program that converts different professional sampler formats to and from each other. This will enable you to access Akai, Roland, Emu, etc. sounds and play them accurately in your EXS-24.

So - now all you Mac users of EXS-24 can have access to all these great sounds in a convenient - ahem - non-Windows sort of way.

We expect the two programs to share the same or similar features by mid-June. If you want to know when your format will come online, e-mail us and we'll respond with a projected date.

Translator is now a dual platform package - when you buy Translator?, you get both Win and Mac for the same price. We are not raising the price, not for now at least.

And BETTER YET - we have a barn-busting introductory price that Mac users can't resist. You can order a Mac-only version of the product, with free upgrades for the life of the program - this means you can translate everything to everything eventually - for only $49.95 - which is $100 off the list price of the Full version. This offer is only good from May 18th through May 31st; after that, it goes back up to the normal pricing.

For current users of Translator Full version, you can add the Mac version for only $19.95 plus shipping. For more info, see ... rades.html.

And - you can receive the program via e-mail during this limited time - just download the authorizer after you order and follow the instructions.

There is a demo up at our web site; download it if you want to see it in action. The demo doesn't do any translations, although it will soon. Get it at

For more information, see I'm sure you'll have more questions - please e-mail us at support-sfbgH+XYTwiU+1/ if you have any.

To order, go to

Most of all - THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE! We've never said the word "shortly" so many times in our lives!