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Author Topic: *in progress* list of daw applications supported by windows 95  (Read 24410 times)

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this page is pretty much intended as a reference for people such as myself who are interested in how the professional audio industry was able to create amazing works back in the early 90s..... heres a look back to the mid 90s and software that could be run on windows 95.. for other versions of windows select a link to jump.
win 3.1 | win 95 | win98 | winXP

Windows 95 was released in August 1995, and was a massive upgrade to the existing win 3.11 "windows for workgroups". The last update for windows 95 was OSR2.5 ("official service release") released in November 1997, which was current up untill the release of Windows 98, the following June (of 1998)
Windows 95 was the first windows os to feature VST technology

installing ie4 + ie5 updates made updates to windows 95 itself (one of the most noticable is the additon of icon shortcut bar near the start button), there were a number of other needed updates for compatibility with programs + hardware such as DCOM, USB Supplement etc Im still trying to figure out if its possible to get MFC42.DLL on a windows 95 os.. or if these apps that are asking for the dll are in fact only compatible with win98+

waves native power pack
steinberg wavelab 1.5
Cubase v3.02, v3.03, v3.05
Cubase VST v3.5 for Windows 95 -
Cubase.Score.VST.v3.55 (feb 1998)
cubase v3.7
Cubase VST 5.0 (not 5.1)
Cubase Score v2 (1996)
cubasis AV (1997)
samplitude v4.0 (april 1997)
digidesign session for windows
Opcode Vision 2.5
Ableton Live v1.0 supports win95
propellerheads recycle 1.5
propellerheads recycle 1.6
propellerheads rebirth
Cool Edit `95 (1995) (editor only, no multi-tracking)
Cool Edit `96 (1996) –
Cool Edit Pro v1.0 (1997) –
Cool Edit pro v2.0
Cakewalk Professional for Windows v3.01
cakewalk pro audio 4
cakewalk pro audio 6 -
cakewalk pro audio 7
cakewalk professional 6
cakewalk home studio 6
making waves
motu freestyle -
acid (original version)
acid pro v2.0
logic audio v2.0
logic audio v2.5 (Nov 1996)
Logic Audio v2.5.3 (win95 only)
logic audio v3.0 (apr 1998)
logic audio v3.5
Logic Audio v4.0
micrologic av
sonic foundry vegas
sound forge 4.0a
Samplitude Studio v.2.05 (1996)
samplitude 2496 (apr 1999)
samplitude 2496

Goldwave 2.0
Goldwave 3.0
Goldwave v4.26
FL Studio 4
nemesys gigasampler 1.5

Cubase V2.61 Complete
cubase v2.8 for windows
Cubasis Audio V1
SoundForge V3.0
Cakewalk Pro Audio V4, v4.5 (win3.1)
Cakewalk Pro Audio V5 (win95)
Voyetra Midi Orchestrator Plus
Voyetra SEQ Gold Plus

cakewalk approved win95 hardware: usb support for win95 | pc crash recovery PCI Busses & Windows '95 | awe32 soundcard

if attempting a win95 daw build.. make sure to use a motherboard that features a combination of both PCI + ISA slots.. (as is common with both pentium II / pentium III boards)

exploring (jp)

windows 95
windows 98
windows xp
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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • | vintage audio production software + hardware info
Re: *in progress* list of applications supported by windows 95
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 05:05:00 PM »
more 1999 programs to check

3D Audio v1.0
Acoustic Modeler v1.0 build62 (Radium)
Antares Autotune v1.0.10
AudioMulch 0.7b5
Autoscore Pro v2.01
BJ LoFi plug-in for Cubase VST PC v1.00
BJ Ringmodulator plug-in for Cubase VST PC v1.00
CakeWalk Pro Audio v7.0
CakeWalk Pro Audio v8.0
C Limiter DX Plug-in
Cool Edit Pro v1.1
Cool Edit Pro v1.01 update (Radium)
CreateFX v1.0
Cubase VST v3.553
Cubase VST v3.553 extras
30 Cubase VST plugins
DART Pro 32 v1.14 (Digital Audio Restoration Technology)
Diamond Cut Tools v2.02
DSP-FX v4.1007 with Aural Enhancer (Radium)
Dynamic Limiter
Finale 98 32bit
Frequency Vibrator PlugIn v1.00 for Cubase VST
Hyperprism DX v1.01 (Radium)
Hyperprism DX v1.50 (Radium)
Hyperprism DX v1.52 (Radium)
Imager VST v1.0 pre-alpha 3
Logic Audio v3.0.16.105a
Logic Audio Platinum v3.5 (Radium)
Magneto DirectX v1.0 with timefix (Radium)
MaxxBass v2.3 (Radium)
Mellosoftron II
MikIT v0.91
MP3 Producer Pro v2.1
Nemesys Gigasampler v1.0
NovaStation v2.1.1
Opcode Fusion Filter v1.0 (Radium)
Opcode fusion VINYL v1.0 (Radium)
Opcode Fusion Vocode v1.2 (Radium)
Parametric Equalizer Pro v2.5
Premiere v4.2
Qtools-AX DirectX v1.0 (Radium)
Quarkexpress v4.0
Raygun noise reduction v1.1 (Radium)
Reality v1.5
Realtime Audio Effects for 32-Bit Windows Full-Duplex Version, v. 1.08
Rebirth rb-338 v1.5
Recycle v1.6
S.A.W. Plus 32 v2.9
SampliTools DEQ v1.0 (Radium)
Samplitude 2496 v5.05
Sonic Foundry ACID v1.0a
Sonic Foundry XFX v1.0 audio plugins (bld60) (Radium)
Sonic Foundry XFX-2 audio plugins build 66 (Radium)
Sonic Foundry XFX vol3 (Radium)
Sound Forge v4.5 (build 49 final)
Sound Forge CD Architect 4.0e (build 227)
SoundForge Batch Converter plugin v4.0c (Radium)
SoundForge CD Architect plugin v4.0c (Radium)
SoundForge Noise Reduction plugin v4.0c (Radium)
SoundForge Spectrum Analysis plug v4.0c (Radium)
Sound Forge Spectrum Analysis Plug-In 4.0d
Sound2MIDI v1.0
SpectraLAB 32bit v4.32.8
Steinberg Freefilter v.1 (Radium)
Steinberg LoudnessMax 1.2 (Radium)
Steinberg Spectralizer 1.21 (Radium)
TC Native Reverb v1.0 DNV version (Radium)
TC Native Reverb DirectX v1.0 (Radium)
TC Native EQ v1.01 DNV version (Radium)
TimeWorks Delay 6022 v1.062 (Radium)
TimeWorks Delay 6022 v1.063 (Radium)
TimeWorks Reverb 4080L v1.062 (Radium)
TubeWarmth 1.0
Tune!It v2.00
Virtual 909 v.3
WaveLab v2.01
Waves Audio Track v2.3 build 6 (Radium)
Waves C1 compressor v2.3.1 (Radium)
Waves Deesser DirectX v1.0 (Radium)
Waves EzWaves v2.3 (Radium)
Waves Native Power Pack v2.35 (Radium)
Waves Renaissance Compressor v1.0 (Radium)
WaveZip v1.10

acoustic mirror
acoustic-x v1.0 full
afh directx plugin
akabak speaker design v2.1
amf intelligent organ v2.0
arp-x8 v1.005-radium
audio architect_3.0
audio cover v2.01 regged
audio catalyst 1.5
audio tools.v2.0.cracked-dsi
awave 4.9-radium
bandinabox 8 full retail
bbox addons 8.0.radium
bsi wavestation v2.71y
building blocks v1.1
cakewalk revb
cakewalk guitar studio v1.0
cakewalk audio.fx2.v1.0-radium
cakewalk hyphenator.addon.v1.01-radium
cakewalk audio.fx1.v1.02-radium
cakewalk style enhancer microv1.1
cakewalk overture v2.11
cakewalk sound font manager
cakewalk score writer v1.0
canam plugins.for.sawplus32-radium
canvasman32 pro 2.22
cd-ripper wizard .99b
cd booklet_v2.02-gwa98
CD Copy
cd cover_v2.02-gwa98
cd da.extractor.v1.13.cracked
cd gate_v6.4.3
cd looper v1.35
cd music grabberpro
cd player.for.win9x.regged
cd right plus  v1.1.251-radium
cd ripper.wizard 99.04b
cdr label_4.0
cdrlabel v3.0
cdrwin v3.7a final
cd valet_v3.31
cd wizzard.v4.60.regged-versus
cequadrat just audio v30 regged-how
chord wizzard 1.0a
cops copylock.ii.universal.deprotector-radium
copyist v4.0
cubase 2 soundforgeplug
cubase vst.plugins
cubase vst manual
cylonix vocoder v2.0
d-lusion rubberduck.v2.04-radium
dao 3.5b
dave brown_3.0_cubasevst_plug-ins
dave brown_db_procomp_1.0_cubasevst_plug-in
dave brown_db_prodelay_1.0_cubasevst_plug-in
digieffects cinelook
digital video producer 4.0
disk cover v2.01 regged
dj player v2.1
dj power.v3.7.cracked-radium
drumatix 2.016
drum patterns_midi_filez
dynamic limiter for cubasevst-wavelab
echo reporter
effects processor pro v1.5
emu wave
epsilon v2.0.for.ensoniq-radium
event layla driver.v3.07
everest ma-1.editor.v1.47-radium
evolution sound studio gold
evolution pro audio v1.5
flash fxp.v1.0.56
fraunhofer mp3 codec v1.063
fruityloops pro 1.4
g2 real producer
generator 1.57.radium
guitar studio v3.06
hammerhead 1.0
hubis midi loopback device 2.3
jammer professional v4.0-radium
jbl smaart.v1.4-radium
jbl speakershop
jet audio v3.13
koan pro 32bit v2.10.9 full
l3 mp3 encoder
lime notation.5.10.radium
logic audio.platinum.v3.5-radium
logic audio.platinum.v3.5.extras-radium
magix music studio v3.01-tft
making waves iso
mda vst_audio_plugins (freeware)
midigate 8.5
midi genie_v1.06
midi soft studio 4.0
midisoft 4.0
midi thruway.v2.0.0.7.cracked-warp98
mixman studio (cracked)
mixman studio full
mod 2 midi
motu freestyle.v2.02-radium
motu unisyn v1.5 -radium
mp3 compressor .09f
mp3 encoding.pack.v1.0-concept
mp3 strip it v4.0 alpha (crack)
mp3 to wav
mp3 to wav to midi
mpeg dj_1.31_incl_crack
musicians cd.player.v.1.38.win9x.nt
music master.vs.v3.30-radium
music match 2.4 registred
n-track v2.01_real_registered-ucf
native instruments generator v1.54
nemesys gigssampler v1.5 fixed
nemesys gigasampler.v1.0.addons-radium
newstyle axs 2.02
newstyle axs v2.02 addons
nexencode studio_ripper
nti cd-maker pro v3.1740
opcode fusion_vst fx bundle
opticom mp3 producer professional 2.1
padus discjuggler (demo+crack)
panhandler v1.1.for.dx-radium
panhandler32 v.3.0.for.saw-radium
passport designs.encore.v4.2.1-radium
pc disc-jockey_v1.3_win95-winnt_cracked
peak update_with_plugins

powerchords pro v2.1.427
power technology dsp-fx 4.1007 with aural enhancer
prassi cd.rep.professional.v1.5.094-evil
probe 1.0 cracked
progenie for.korg.prophecy.v1.53-radium
pts audiocd.mp3studio.1.0.cracked-darkstar
q-design imedia 2
qdesign i-media_audio_mpeg_v2.0_full-radium
qsound plug-in 1.a for sound forge - rebels
quack sound_effect_studio_v3.02
quartz audio.master.v2.17-radium
quartz audio.guitar.fx.pluggin.v1.2-radium
quickverb 1.0 for wavelab
rbc voice.tweaker.v1.02.incl.keygen-fallen
real audio 2wave
real player plus g2 final for win9x + serial & key gen
rebirth mods universal crack
rebirth 1.5-2.0 panel for cakewalk.8.0
rebirth v2.0 - nag champa om-3t3 mod - goa
rebirth modpacker.v1.0-radium
rebirth rb338 v2.01
rebirth v2.0 linndrum mod - goa
rebirth timefix.crack-radium
rebirth rb338.v2.0.fixed-radium
rebirth rb338.v2.0.addon.pack1-radium
rebirth rb338.v2.0.addon.pack2-radium
rebirth rb338.v2.0.addon.pack3-radium
retro as-1-radium
roland virtual sound
roland mc-303.v2.1-radium
rpg room optimizer 1.0
rubberduck v2.01
samplitools ir.for.acoustic.modeler-radium
saw aux.sendreturn.32bit.v1.1-radium
saw avi.viewer.32bit.v1.2-radium
saw fx.bigtime.v3.0-radium
saw fx.panhandler.discrete.v1.0-radium
saw ignition.cdr.32bit.v1.2-radium
saw meterbridge.32bit.v1.3-radium
saw reverberator.32bit.v1.5-radium
saw reverberator 32bit v1.7.radium
scope dsp.v3.5a-radium
scope fir.v3.5a-radium
sf 2 bank
sibelius v1.104-radium
signum dx1100 v2.0g radium
sonic foundry acoustic modeler addons
sonic foundry.acoustic.mirror.v1.1-radium
sony cd_right_v1.1-pwa
sound fonts
soundforge batch converter plugin v4.0d
soundfonts2 banks
sound laundry.v2.1
sound to midi
spice (vst distortion)
spl de-esser v1.0-radium
steinberg laundryizer
steinberg bbox v1.0
steinberg qmetric.v1.0-radium
steinberg clean 1.0 working
steinberg declicker.directxv1.1
steinberg bbox.v1.0.drum.addon-radium
steinberg denoiser.v1.51.working-radium
steinberg magneto
steinberg spectral enhancer
steinberg wavelab vocoder
stompin (drum synth)
sweet little.piano.v.1.4.win95.nt-mfd
sweet midi.arpeggiator.v.1.9.5.win95.nt-mfd
sweet midi.harmonizer.v.1.13.win95.nt-mfd
sweet midi.player.v1.03.win95.nt-mfd
sweet sixteen.v.3.05.win95.nt-mfd
sysex makers
techno maker
timeworks phaser.88.v1.004-radium
tonica v5.0.win95-radium
trancemitter filter for vst
trinity pcg_v1.1
tripledat v2.51a
unisynth 1.20
vaz plus v1.6
virtual synth for awe64 or 32
virtual audio cable v1.11 retail
virtual turntables.v1.4-radium
virtual turntables 1.60 (demo+crack)
vqf player & encoder
waldorf d-pole.v1.0.vst.flash.fix-radium
waldorf d-pole.vst.v10
waldorf d-pole directx -fixed.for.wavelab.v2.xx-hyperman
wavelab loudness maximizer 1.0 - x-force
wave repair_v3.4_registered-dsi
wave surgeon_basic_v2.1_(0817)
wave surgeon.advanced.v2.2-radium
wave warm.v1.01-radium
wav to_mid_converter
windac v1.41.working.full.retail-radium
wingroove cr-wg09
wplay 1.7
xg-gold v1.01-radium
xgedit95 v2.60-radium
xing mp3 live encoder
xing mp3_encoder_2.1
xing mpeg.player.v3.30
yamaha s-yxg50 soft synth
zk rhymes.v2.02-radium!/

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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • | vintage audio production software + hardware info
Re: *in progress* list of daw applications supported by windows 95
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2015, 01:00:07 PM »

3d Audio 1.2
Accelerated CD 1.0
 Acoustic Modeler update
 Acoustic-X 1.0
 Adaptec Easy CD audio 3.01
 Adaptec Easy CD creator 3.01a deluxe
 Adaptec Easy CD creator 3.01b update
 Album Builder 1.0
 AppLaud  2.2
 Arp-X8 1.0
 Audio Library - Minidisc 1.0
 Audio Library 1.0
 Audioactive Production Studio Pro 1.05
 AudioRack 2.08
 Autoscore Pro 2.01
 AweVBank 98 2.0
 Base Reborn 1.5
 Big Boss 7.0
 BJ VST plugz
 BSI WaveStation 2.72e
 Burel VST plugz
 Buzz tracker alpha 15
 CD Master 4.1
 CD-Rep Proffesional 1.5.061
 CD-ROM Label Shop 2.0
 CDRWin 3.5c
 Ceres Midi2Wave 1.0
 Ceres Sound Studio 2.3
 Chord Transcriber 1.0
 ChordWizard 1.0a
 Crescendo MIDI Activex Control 3.0
 CS1x-Edit 1.22b
 Cubase VST 3.553 full extras
 Cubase VST 3.553 full install
 Cubase VST plugz
 Cubase VST update 3.551
 Cubase VST update 3.552
 Cubase VST update 3.553
 Cubasis audio 1.6
 Cylonix Vocoder 1.08
 Dasein Guitar Tuner 2.56
 Digital Orchestrator Pro 3.00.37
 Digital Vision DSP-150
 Distortion PlugIn 1.00 for Cubase
Double 99 - Ripgroove - New Mix Featuring Top Cat
 Drumatix plus 2.016 full
 Drumms for Cubase VST
 DSP-FX DirectX 4.0013
 Emblaze Audio 1.01
 Fix for SF Acid
 Fix for SF DX plugz
 Free WaveLab 2.0 plugz
 FX Ambience 2.0 for SAW32
 FX Bigtime32 1.1
 FX Dither32 1.1
 Generator 1.5 beta
 GoldWave 4.01
 Graphic Equalizer Pro 1.0
 Guitar Book 4.5
 Guitar Pro 2.16
 Hyperprism DX 1.50
 Impulse Tracker 2.10
 JV - Sysex Manager
 Little Drummer Boy

Mellosoftron 2.3 build302
 Micro Logic 2.0
 Midi Maze 2.2
 Midi Thruway
 Midiart The Player 2.05e
 MidiScan 2.5
 MixMan Studio 1.5
 MP3 Producer 2.0
 MP3 Wolf 1.04
 Mpeg Layer-3 Encoder 3.0
 Multiquence 1.02
 Multiverb ActiveMovie 1.0
 Music -2- Track 97
 Music MasterWorks 1.3
 N-Track 2.2.1
 Nemesys Gigasampler 1.0
 Nemesys Gigasampler Addon Pack
 NovaStation 2.1.1
 OctaMed Soundstudio beta 7
Opcode Fusion Vinyl 1.1
 Opcode Fusion VOCODE 1.2
 Opcode fusion VST FX
 Orangator 2.0
 Parametric Equalizer Pro 2.5
 PartyDJ 1.2
 PhyMod 2.0
 PianoScan 2.5
 Playstation Cd Copier
 PowerTracks Pro Audio 4.0a
 Q-Edit Plus
 Qsoft's AllSound 98
 QTools ActiveMovie Filters 1.0
 Raduga 2.0
 Raygun noise reduction 1.1
 Real Audio Live Encoder 3.1
 Real Audio Server 5.0
 Real Player Plus 5.0
RealEncoder G2 Alpha
Reality Bankset 1.0
REALmagic CD Station
 Rebirth - BlueSteel mod
 Rebirth - CS 33 mod
 Rebirth - Loop Tech mod
 Rebirth - Orbit mod
 Rebirth - ReAcid mod
 Rebirth - VoltAge mod
 Recycle 1.6
 Revolve 100mm Beta – new
 Rubber Duck H3O+ 2.0 Demo
 S1100 Akai Sampler
 Sampled 1.24
 SampliTools DEQ v1.0 plugin
 Samplitools IR for Acoustic Modeler
 Samplitude Studio 4.52
 Saw - Stereo2mono plug
 Saw - TrishPam 1.0
 Saw - Win 2.17
 Saw Aux Send Return  1.1
 Saw Ignition CDR 1.4
 SequBeat 1.0
 SF Acid 1.0 Beta
 Singing Tutor 3.0
 Sonic Foundry ACID 1.0
 Sonic Foundry XFX vol3
 Sound Diver Update 2.04
 Sound Laundry 2.1
 SoundForge BatchConvert build205 (FINAL)
 SoundForge CD Architect

build205 (FINAL)
 SoundForge Noise Reduction build205 (final)
 SoundForge Spectrum Analysis
build205 (final)
 SoundWave97 1.03a
 Steinberg B Box 1.0
 Steinberg Bbox 1.0 drum addon
 Steinberg Denoiser 1.51
 Steinberg FreeFilter 1.0
 Steinberg Loudness Max 1.2
 Steinberg Spectralizer 1.21
 Stomper Ultra 3.0
 Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator 1.95
 Sweet MIDI Harmonizer 1.13
 Sweet Sixteen 3.05
 Techno Toys Keymaker
 TeleCost Pack for Windows
 The Complete Guitar 1.01
 The Drums Professional 2.0
 TimberWolf 2.0
 TransFormer VST plug
 Ultimate Convertion Tool
V Varm 1.0 demo
 Vimas Speech Master Studio 3.0
 Virtual Player Piano 1.12
 Virtual Sampler Library SDK 1.2
 VPP + Add Bundle PIP-Groovy
 VST Compressor 2.5
 Wave Repair 3.0
 Wave Safe 1.17
 WaveLab 2.01
 Waves Audiotrack 2.35
 Waves Convert Pro 3.0
 Win Jammer Professional 5.05
 WinTone 2.02
 WPlay MP3 Player 1.60
 XG - Works 1.0
 XG-GS Filter Kit Mids
 xm 2 wav 1.07
Matt's Shoddy Vocoder