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What modern DAW still supports Reware and runs on XP?
Hint, it starts with the letters Rea (but it's not Reason).
Second hint: version 7.

The password has been set by the developer.
The password is sent to the buyer after purchase only.
No one has bought these plugins for a long time, so you will never know the password.

I installed a new NVME and SSD in my computer last fall. I put the old small system SSD (it had already been working for several years) in a box.

A few days ago I connected it - the whole system worked perfectly, although more than a year had passed.

Windows Vista (Jan 2007) / Re: Teracopy
« on: September 03, 2023, 07:52:10 AM »
Older 2.1/2.3 version works on XP too, up to Win10x64.

It's been my intelligent file copier for years.

Saves so much time and network bandwidth by not copying what's already there (I'm looking at you, Windows!)

Total Commander has been doing the same for me since Windows 95 (aka Windows Commander).
I customized it with buttons and utilities so that I can’t imagine working without it now.
Always with me on any computer.

I have compared copy via TC with TetaCopy and FastCopy and found no advantage over TC.

Windows security
Windows security is a useless program because there are many false positives, I use other antiviruses to check.

This virus appeared in the days of Windows 10, and could not have been created in the days of Cubase 3.7.

System 6 (Mar 1989) / Re: jam factory (1987?) by intelligent music
« on: May 13, 2023, 08:13:04 AM »
What OS were you able to use Jam Factory with?

Classic Mac OS: 9, 8, 7...

the box of the emu 0404 pci card claims that theres hardware accelleration involved .. does that mean emulator x3 works better with an emu 0404 pci installed as the interface????,413


Emulator X was able to use AUX in PatchMix DSP. But as far as I remember the drivers for 0404 were limited compared to the 1820 drivers and 0404 came bundled with Proteus X/Emulator X LE without using PatchMix DSP.

Maybe something was changed in the latest drivers, but I didn't have 0404, that's just a guess.

On the other hand, the PatchMix DSP has a limited number of effect memories. Emulator X3 has been optimized for a multi-threaded CPU, which no longer matters.

Patch integrator 3.4.5 (current, February 2023) - The kit includes the main upgraded drivers that allow you to install XP on unsupported hardware.

More information:

just a note re: the above mentioned Gigabyte GA-P85-D3
this is a 4th gen haswell board - and CANNOT run windows XP!

You are more likely to be able to install Windows XP x86. Although there are no official drivers, such as USB 3.0 or AHCI, this does not mean that you can implement modified drivers. I've seen posts on other forums that have successfully installed on Windows XP on:

Asus B85-PLUS
Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3
GigaByte GA-B85M-D3H

For example, here you can find drivers for SATA (they must be implemented using n-Lite in the distribution):

Need some googling for this question, I've seen modified builds of Windows XP with embedded drivers for modern chipsets.

Reaper (6.78: March 14, 2023) is the only one that supports Windows XP in 32-bit

It is very inconvenient to edit your posts to add new information!

Here you can download various libraries:

E-MU Sound Sets

Orbit 8080
Planet Earth
Planet Phatt
Production Set
Proteus 1
Proteus 2
Proteus 3
Proteus X Composer v2.0.1
Synth Mania
Vintage Keys
Vintage Pro
Virtuoso 2000
Xreme Lead-1

if theres any readers that have e-mu products maybe you can help me confirm this because my e-mu 0404usb is dead

There is an unofficial patched version without authorization (if the official authorization disappears forever).

is anyone sure if the emulator x3 originally used e-mu products as authorization to run the app?

Emulator X3 was postponed almost a year, if I remember correctly, because they could not get their C/R servers going.

Emulator X2 used e-mu products as authorization.

FL Studio 20.7.3 ( - latest version which contains 32-bit version and can run on Windows XP

FL Studio 20.8.4 ( - latest version which contains 32-bit version and can run on Windows 7

FL Studio 20.9.x - only 64-bit (officially Windows 10)

Steinberg Cubase / Wavelab 1.6
« on: August 03, 2022, 02:04:59 AM »
I have Wavelab 1.6 and some plugins for it.

Wavelab 1.6
Wavelab Declicker 1.0
Wavelab Denoiser 1.0
Wavelab Loudness Maximizer 1.0
Wavelab Spectralizer 1.0

+ mp3 encoder (Fraunhofer-IIS MPEG Layer 3 Audio Producer)

Logic Audio Platinum 5.3.0 + 5.5.1  + Logic Delta 4.6.2 Portable - 33 mb

Windows XP-10

- Removed manual and demo song for minimum size.

! Logic Delta 4.6.2 requires Delta Card.
!! If 5.5.1 does not run on Windows x64, run 5.3.0 first. Close and then run 5.5.1.

Yeah, found out about your file being a VMWare ThinApp packaged app when looking at the Sandbox content.
Too bad it does not work with 16bit apps. :P

16-bit applications can be ThinApp'd on 32 bit OS but 16-bit applications cannot be executed on 64-bit platforms due to OS limitation.

Emagic Logic / Re: Logic Delta 4.6.2 Portable
« on: July 30, 2022, 12:54:09 AM »
You need a real Delta series card in the computer of course.:P

I realized I need an M-Audio card.

Portable options are convenient in that they do not depend on the computer - you can use your own, work or a friend. No trace. You have all your favorite collection of DAWs, editors and DX\VST without having to install and register it. And all this on a small flash drive.

I made about 200-300 portable builds. Here is one of the collections on this Windows 7x64 machine. There are almost 100 builds here: Reaper, FL studio, Orion, SoundForge and more, including about 700 DX/VST and portable NET Frameworks with all versions of Visual C++ portable. There is no conflict with the other software that was installed on the computer. Portable builds run in the ThinApp virtual environment, only in their own sandbox.

Emagic Logic / Logic Delta 4.6.2 Portable
« on: July 29, 2022, 02:45:44 AM »
Authentic ISO9660 rip of the Mac/PC Logic Delta CDR (258MB), straight from the attic. :D


Logic Delta 4.6.2 Portable - 10,2 mb

Windows XP-10

- Removed manual and demo song for minimum size.

! PlugIn Enabler does not work on Windows x64 (ASIO drivers will not work for the same reason). Logic Delta 4.6.2 requires Windows 95/98.

Hardware Samplers & MPCs / Re: Akai Insufficient Waveform memory
« on: July 22, 2022, 02:11:05 PM »
I didn't have an S5000, but as far as I remember the S5000/S6000 could read the S1000/S3000 format (automatically converted to S5000/S6000 format when reading from a CD-ROM), as well as load Roland S and E-mu III/ IV CD-ROM).

Hardware Samplers & MPCs / Re: Akai Insufficient Waveform memory
« on: July 22, 2022, 02:20:31 AM »
I had an AKAI S2000 (and still have it, but don't use it anymore).

You are probably trying to upload more than 32 mb.
These are probably multisample libraries for AKAI S5000/S6000.
If this is indeed the case, then there is nothing to help. You need to find old AKAI libraries where the piano takes up less than 32 mb.

During that glorious good time, I tried to find sounds as small as possible, for example, using a piano from several samples (for example, C2-C4-C6). At that time, we did not yet know that in 20-30 years there would be libraries of ten gigabytes.

I also admire Alan Wilder from Depeche mode, how he skillfully used 1-2 mb of memory on the E-mu Emulator - it's an art to fit several tools in such a small amount.

PS: 32 mb at that time is a fortune. New samplers were usually sold with 2 mb, and musicians worked with 2 mb! Because additional memory chips, like a sampler, cost a lot of money then.

Emagic Logic / Re: Looking for iso file of Logic Delta
« on: July 19, 2022, 01:47:14 AM »

I am looking for an iso image for Logic Delta mainly for Windows. If anyone has it, I would be happy to have a copy.


I see that iso has already been posted in this section:,5857.0.html

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