Im on the look for opcode studio vision cd installer's - any version prior to 4.0! (i already have a copy of 4.0) if anyone has 3.5 or 2.08 and feels like uploading a copy to share with me, please send PM! thanks

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GS Compatibles
« on: August 04, 2016, 05:50:04 PM »
list of devices that support Roland GS midi mapping

g600, g800, RA-800, G-1000(similar to SC88Pro), PMA-5, JW-50, JV-30, JV-35, JV-50, XP-10


Sound source you have added some waveform to SC-88 +? Key keyboard

The number of patches: 689
Number of drum kit: 25
User Patch: 256
User Drum: 2

The maximum number of voices: 64
Number of channels: 16
Effects: Reverb (8 types), chorus (eight), delay (10 species), 2BAND EQ