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Author Topic: origins of Nintendo NES music  (Read 1984 times)

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origins of Nintendo NES music
« on: September 13, 2015, 01:10:49 PM »
Hey guys,I just thought I'd share something really cool with you. I have talked to some musicians who wrote music for NES video games and asked them how they wrote it. This is what they said:

Akito Nakatsuka - Family BASIC
Alberto Gonzalez - Compact Editor
Barry Leitch - MODTracker for Commodore Amiga
Brad Fuller - Music V Language
Charles Deenen - Hex Code Written Directly on NES
Dave Warhol - Cakewalk and a program he created that used his own voice patches
Dave Wise, Jonathan Dunn - Hex Code
Doug Brandon - CuBase (Atari ST)
Earl Vickers - Music V Language
Ed Bogas - Atari Music Studio
Elliot Delman & Steven Samler - Digital Performer
Frank Klepacki - Dr. T KCS on Commodore Amiga
Gavan Anderson - Hex Code
George Sanger - Digital Performer
Hirohiko Takayama - Assembley Hex Code on MS-DOS
Hirokazu Tanaka - Family BASIC
Jeroen Tel - Hex code with his own program for MS-DOS (He sent me some of the original music files!)
Kinuyo Yamashita - Hex code.
Koji Kondo - Family BASIC
Mark Knight - CuBase on Atari ST with Silver Box that emulated NES chip.
Mark Van Hecke - Dr. T KCS on Atari ST using FB-01.
Marshall Parker - Hex Code
Neil Baldwin - Hex Code.
Paul Webb - Hex Code
Paul Wilkinson - Cakewalk and Hex Code
Rob Wallace - Digital Orchestrator
Tania Smith - Hex Code
Zap Ajisai - Music Maker

If I find any more ways they wrote music to NES games I will post it.