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Author Topic: Roland JV-1000 (1993) Music Worksation  (Read 1614 times)

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Roland JV-1000 (1993) Music Worksation
« on: December 14, 2015, 01:06:36 AM »
with built in sequencer + floppy drive


Keyboard: 76 keys with attack and release velocity and channel aftertouch Polyphony: 28 voices
Multitimbrality: eight Parts (in Performance mode)
Patch architecture: up to four layered/velocity-split Tones each containing a Waveform Generator, a Time Variant Filter (low-pass or high-pass, with soft/hard resonance) and a Time Variant Amplifier with dedicated envelopes (4-stage with velocity control over attack and release) and two freely assignable LFOs.
Factory presets: 256 Patches, 64 Performances, 4 Rhythm Sets
User-programmable memories: 64 Patches, 16 Performances, one Rhythm Set
Data Card (optional): 64 Patches, 16 Performances, one Rhythm Set
Wave Expansion Board (optional): 256 Patches (maximum)
PCM Card (optional): 128 Patches (maximum)
Effects: Chorus (three types); Reverb (eight types)
LCD: 2 x 40 characters, backlit


Memory: 256 Kbytes RAM
Storage capacity: approx. 40,000 notes
Tracks: eight multichannel phrase tracks, one pattern-based rhythm track, one tempo track
Songs: eight onboard; playback of a preset sequence of Songs loaded off disk is also possible
Maximum Song length: 9999 bars
Rhythm Instruments: 32
Rhythm Patterns: 240 per Song
Resolution: phrase tracks: 96 clocks per quarter note; Rhythm Pattern: 32nd notes
LCD: 2 x 20 characters, backlit
Disk drive: 3.5" DSDD, reads and writes Standard MIDI Files (formats 0 and 1)


JV-1000 L(Mono)/R and V-Exp L(Mono)/R audio out jacks
Headphones jack
Sustain pedal jack
Assignable pedal jacks x 2
MIDI In, Out, Thru and Sequencer Out
Card slots: PCM x 1, Data x 1
Sequencer start/stop jack
Sequencer punch in/out jack
Metronome output jack (with output level knob)
Tape Sync II in and out jacks (RCA phono)


One 'docking bay' for the optional V-EXP GS Format board
One 'docking bay' for an SRV-JV wave expansion board

48.5" (W) x 13.75" (D) x 3.75" (H) / 1232 x 348 x 97mm

Weight: 29lbs 2oz/13.5kg