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Author Topic: Logic Audio 4.1.1 now supports Digi001, VST instruments, Rewire (Dec 1999)  (Read 2110 times)

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Hamburg, Germany, Dec. 28, 1999 -- Only shortly after receiving the first Digi001 development units, Emagic presents Logic Audio 4.1.2 — a dedicated software companion for Digidesign's latest home studio hardware release.
Digidesign's Digi001

Thanks to a specially tailored Direct I/O and MIDI adaptation, Digi001 owners can now use all the functions of their hardware with Logic Audio Macintosh. The no-charge Version 4.1.2 updater is available for immediate download by all current Logic Audio and MicroLogic AV Macintosh Version 4.0 owners. Emagic has established a dedicated Digi001 site at this address:

Emagic has also just announced version 4.1.1 of Logic Audio. With Version 4.1.1, Emagic presents the integration of the newest technologies together with even more enhanced interfacing options. Logic Audio 4.1.1 supports the new, optional ES1 — Emagic Syntheziser One — for all Logic Audio variations, and allows the immediate use of all Plug-Ins that support the VST 2.0 format in Logic Audio Silver, Gold and Platinum, for both Windows and Mac users.

Through the new ReWire support, individual outputs of software synthesizers can be routed to separate channel strips of Logic's internal mixer (Logic Audio Silver, Gold and Platinum). In addition, Version 4.1.1 supports the Velocity Engine of the G4 Mac via Logic's internal mixer, whereby the number of available audio channels will rise. Of course, other general performance improvements can also be expected. This release means that Emagic is the first manufacturer in the digital audio/MIDI field to provide its customers with access to the full performance of the G4 computers. The no-charge Version 4.1.1 Updater is available for immediate download for all current Version 4.0 owners.

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