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360 systems pro MIDI bass (1988?)
« on: August 05, 2017, 02:42:50 PM »

California-based 360 Systems were one of the first manufacturers to offer sampling technology, and as a result their sound samples are some of the finest around. The company have been producing a free-standing MIDI Bass unit for several years now, but their latest 'Professional' model follows the current trend and comes in a sleek 1U rack-mount case, offering a more convenient design.

According to 360 Systems, the design philosophy is to provide sampled sounds "so accurate and realistic that they put the actual bass instrument at your fingertips, while freeing up other synths and samplers to be used to their fullest potential." The Pro MIDI Bass is intended to be controlled by whatever MIDI device you find most convenient - the choice ranges from a variety of keyboards and pedalboards, to MIDI guitars and basses, drum pads (such as the Roland Octapad), or even a MIDI wind instrument such as the Yamaha WX7 or Akai EWI.

To quote the owner's manual, "this new rack-mount version provides one megabyte of internal EPROM sound memory capacity, an improved signal-to-noise ratio (in excess of 90dB), and two 12MHz computers to handle internal operations." I can certainly confirm that the unit is extremely quiet in operation, and is definitely worthy of a place in any synthesis rack for studio, touring, or home recording use.