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Mixman studio (1995-1996) requires directx7+
« on: September 02, 2014, 10:08:24 PM »

a forward thinking revolutionary product at the time of its release!
(mid-late 1990s) definately inspired fl studio + ableton live programmers i bet!

Mixman Studio 1.0 (Win 95)
Mixman Studio 2.0
Mixman Studio 3.0
Mixman Studio 4.0 (Win 98)
Mixman StudioPro 3.0
Mixman StudioPro 4.0,[16][17] 4.5
Mixman Studio 5.0 (XP)
Mixman Studio Pro 5.0
Mixman Studio XPro 5.0
Tommy Boy’s Greatest Beats – CDROM/CD from Tommy Boy/Warners Records
George Clinton’s Greatest Funkin’ Hits – Retail software product, co-release with CD from Capitol Records
Mixman for Mac
Mixman DM2 1.0 (98)
Mixman DM2 2.0 (XP)
Mixman MP3 Producer
Mixman LoopStudio (XP)
Studio XPro, software product sold with DM2 controller
12 Soundiscs (Street Level, Gloss, Smoke, Tremor, K Klass, Skinny Puppy, Heaven 17, Lo-Fi Transmissions, Happy Harcore, George Clinton, Sabroso, Darwin Chamber)
Emix browser based music mixing software
Mixman (Win 7) offers a windows 7 compatible demo!

What's the difference between ACID and Mixman?

The Mixman product line is a performance-based mixing environment, which allows users to easily mix and match sounds in real time by pressing buttons, which are linked to sounds and loops. Acid is a composition environment for making music through a linear, static process. By contrast, Mixman products are more like an instrument, which more closely approximate the skill that DJs need to mix music on the fly or in the studio.

With features like Transformer, Scratching, and W.A.R.P., the Overdub Mode in the Recording Studio, Mixman StudioPro's creative power really lies in doing things "live".

Mixman StudioPro, comes with a powerful FX Studio with 25 DSP (digital signal procdessing) algorithms. Many of these algorithms are designed to work with the proprietary Mixman trk format, and yield distinctive results not easily achievable otherwise.

•    Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
•    Pentium III, 450 mHz or faster
•    65 MB RAM (128 preferred)
•    16-bit DirectX compatible soundcard with most current drivers
•    DirectX 7.0 or higher
•    Internet connection to validate authentication
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