Author Topic: windows 95 performance of the AMD K6 was great! (April 1997 article)  (Read 549 times)

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Windows 95 Performance Of The K6
Let's say it loud and clear. Under Windows 95 the K6 is the fastest CPU currently available. The K6 233 reaches a Windows 95 performance that's higher than of a Pentium MMX, still higher than of an overclocked Pentium MMX 225, higher than of a PPro 200 and equal to an overclocked PPro 233. Overclocked to 250 MHz (3x83 MHz) and 262.5 MHz (3.5x75 MHz) it's faster than anything else under Windows 95 and even the upcoming Pentium II will have its problems with it.

The K6 166 is almost as fast as an Intel Pentium MMX 200, the K6 200 is already faster than this Intel CPU and the K6 233 shows a distance of even 4 Winstone 97 points to the Pentium MMX 200.