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M-audio ProjectMix I/O (2005)
« on: July 19, 2015, 07:46:40 PM »

Get Creative with The ProjectMix I/O!
Today, more professional music is produced at home than ever before-and the new ProjectMix I/O delivers what you need to take your computer-based studio and productions to the next level. It features seamless integration with all major DAW software and the ability to record directly into industry-standard Pro Tools sessions. ProjectMix I/O is the universal solution that combines the best of the hardware and software worlds for a new standard in streamlined production.

Complete Production Experience
Computer-based DAWs seem to have virtually no limitations-except those imposed by using a mouse to do the job of dedicated hardware. ProjectMix I/O finally puts all that tactile control back under your fingertips. It also combines that control with M-Audio's acclaimed FireWire audio interface technology, eliminating clutter while integrating everything you need to transform your computer-based music system into a full-fledged digital audio workstation.

Total I/O
ProjectMix I/O gives you just about every kind of I/O you might need for a session-and at the same price as many control surfaces lacking audio altogether. Eight analog input channels all feature ®�" balanced and XLR microphone inputs with individual mic/line switches. Of course, phantom power is provided for up to eight condenser mics and input 1 even features a front-panel instrument input so you easily plug a guitar or bass right in. 8 x 8 ADAT Lightpipe I/O brings the simultaneous input total to 16 and allows you to expand your system with devices like M-Audio's award winning Octane preamp. This allows for eight more channels of preamp via Lightpipe. 2 x 2 S/PDIF handles all your other digital connectivity, and word clock synchronizes ProjectMix with other digital devices.

ProjectMix I/O also serves as a 1 x 1 MIDI interface, allowing your computer to connect with MIDI hardware. Monitoring options include two 1/4" headphone outputs with separate volume controls for working with a partner, as well as two stereo output pairs for routing to monitors, processors and mixdown devices. There's even an A/B headphone source monitoring switch for cueing. ProjectMix I/O brings all of this to your computer with a single, simple FireWire connection.

Transport Control
Dedicated transport controls are another feature that makes doing sessions with ProjectMix I/O a breeze. You get illuminated controls for record, play, stop, fast forward, and rewind, plus a jog/shuttle wheel and locate buttons for easy project navigation. Sets of keys for in/out points, zoom, region nudge, looping and more will having your flying through sessions with incredible efficiency.

Easy to Use
M-Audio's design team gave a great deal of consideration as to what features would provide the most value in an affordable package. They knew that cutting-edge features like high-resolution 10-bit touch-sensitive moving faders, large LCD display and mic/line switches on all channels were important. They also found that much of the expense of other units on the market owed to a dizzying number of controls that many users find daunting. Our engineers opted for a streamlined design that places some functions under the control of the keyboard and mouse, where they are best suited. The result is a controller that doesn't have much of a learning curve, is much more intuitive to use and comes in at an unbeatable price. Check out ProjectMix I/O for yourself at your local M-Audio dealer. We think you'll agree.

10-bit Touch-Sensitive Moving Faders
The motorized touch-sensitive faders on each of ProjectMix I/O's eight channel strips and master strip record and playback your changes, making for seamless mix automation. And touch sensitivity means that when you touch a fader in motion, it immediately disengages for manual control and re-engages automation when you release. This provides for both smoother operation and the elimination of motor burnout prevalent in older technologies. ProjectMix's faders also feature higher resolution than other control surfaces in its price range.

Channel Strip
ProjectMix I/O's eight channel strips can map to as many channels as your project by simply pressing the bank +/- and channel +/- controls. Each channel strip features all of the functions you'd expect to help you zip through sessions, including buttons for mic/line, record enable, mute, solo, and select. In addition to a touch-sensitive motorized fader, each strip has an endless rotary encoder knob whose function is assigned by one of 15 dedicated buttons for EQ, aux send and more. Related information is displayed in the LCD window directly above each encoder. The encoders and LCD double to control assigned plug-in parameters as well.

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Features:

    record audio directly into Pro Tools M-Powered (not included) > industry-standard format
    use with Pro Tools M-Powered, Live, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer and SONAR > total compatibility
    10-bit touch-sensitive motorized faders > totally intuitive mixing and editing
    built-in 18 x 14 FireWire audio interface > no additional hardware required
    8 phantom-powered mic/line preamps > pro input right on board
    assignable rotary encoders > control mixes, effects and synths
    LCD display > full track and parameter readout
    dedicated transport controls and jog/scrub wheel > seamless session flow
    ADAT Lightpipe, S/PDIF and word clock I/O > total digital connectivity

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